Celebrate The Macintosh’s 30th Anniversary In Cupertino On January 25

Mac 30th Celebration

Macintosh 30th Anniversary Celebration

On January 24, 1984, Apple Computer introduced the Macintosh. On January 25, 2014, in Cupertino, California, the public will be invited to celebrate the extended team whose efforts popularized the graphical user interface and WYSIWYG software, defining computing for the rest of us. In honor of the 30-year anniversary of the Mac, the Computer History Museum, Macworld/iWorld and All Planet Studios are planning a celebration of this seminal computer and the original Macintosh development team.

The Mac 30th Celebration will be start at 7 p.m. on January 25. The Flint Center venue is just a few miles from the Apple campus, and the event is being held in the same 2,300-seat auditorium where Steve Jobs introduced the Mac back in 1984!

In a series of panel discussions, members of the original team will share memories about the conception, birth and coming of age of the Apple Macintosh. Previously unreleased video will be screened, and Ridley Scott’s iconic 1984 commercial will be discussed by those who conceived it, including Steve Hayden, Brent Thomas and Lee Clow. Stage events, testimonials and surprise guests will offer a cornucopia of recollections about the era.

The Mac 30th Celebration website states:

The event is for and about the PEOPLE who created the Macintosh. An evening celebrating those people, and to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Mac. The Mac really is that magical blend of both – man and machine. These are some of the Apple Macintosh Development Team folks that were given the challenge and succeeded, in changing the world. After all, more important than the machines – are the people.

Many early Apple employees and luminaries are planning to attend, including Daniel Kottke (co-host of the event), Steven Levy, Dan Farber, Randy Wigginton, George Crow, Rod Holt, Larry Tesler, Bill Fernandez, Bruce Horn, Ron Nicholson, Larry Kenyon, Jerry Manock, Donn Denman, Bill Bull, Martin Haeberli, Bryan Stearns, Bob Belleville, David Beaver, Sam Lyall, Carolyn Rose, Joe Sheldon, Debi Coleman, Brian Robertson, and Pamela Wyman.

According to the organizers, profits from the event will be donated to charities dedicated to promoting computer and Internet literacy. Ticket prices range from $109.75 to $140.80 and can be obtained via TicketMaster.

  • GaryKatz

    Take a look at a video I made showing off some of Apple’s products produced over the last 30 years. Stick around for the end to see a very rare Apple lamp using the Picasso Macintosh logo that was given only to official Apple resellers at the time.


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