Updated Skype App Will Reconnect Your Dropped Calls Automatically




Using Skype to subvert your monthly voice minutes is great when the service. Every now and then you get a dropped call because of crappy Wifi or cellular reception though and then you have to go back in and make the call all over.

A new update for Skype just hit the App Store today, and it makes calls a lot better. Rather than having to redial a number when a call is dropped, Skype 4.5 for iPhone will automatically reconnect your call regardless of whether you’re on Wifi or cellular data.

There are some other general fixes and improvements that come with the new update as well. Skype 4.5 also fixed that annoying issue where one-to-one chats weren’t appearing in the correct order, so now your conversations should be somewhat coherent.

You can grab the update in the App Store for free right now.

Source: iTunes

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