Get 50% Off Things For Mac Until January 31 [Deals]



Things, one of the most popular task management applications for Mac, has had its price tag slashed in half until the end of January. It’s the first time Things has been reduced since it hit the Mac App Store in July 2011, but you can now pick it up for just $24.99. If you already use Things on iOS, it’s a must-have.

We’ve covered Things for Mac and iOS numerous times here at Cult of Mac; it’s one of our favorite apps. If you’re not already familiar with it, I’m sure you’ve heard of the iOS app, which has been incredibly popular since it debuted on the iPhone 3G way back in February 2009. As you might expect, Things for Mac brings all of its great features to your desktop.

One of its best features is its simplicity. It has a clean user interface that’s easy to navigate, and it makes creating tasks and keeping track of them a breeze. Its ‘Today’ view presents you with everything you have outstanding for any given day, while ‘Focus’ shows you what you have to do today, what’s coming up next, and what you have scheduled for the future.

You can tag tasks to keep them organized by project, or to separate your personal tasks from your professional ones. You can then use filters that only display tasks with certain tags attached to them. Things also supports recurring tasks, due dates, scheduled tasks, and allows you to import/export your data to Apple’s Reminders app.

The thing I love most about Things is Things Cloud, which keeps all of your Mac and iOS devices in sync and backs up your tasks to the cloud. Add something on your Mac and you’ll automatically get it pushed to your iPhone or iPad — and vice versa.

Things for Mac is usually priced at $49.99, so at $24.99, it’s a steal. You’ll find it using the source link below. And if you don’t already have Things for iPhone and Things for iPad, you’ll find those in the App Store, priced at $13.99 and $24.99, respectively.

Source: Mac App Store

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  • mango0322

    What is the advantage of using Things vs using Wunderlist? Wunderlist seems to have all of the available features you listed plus the Mac/iPad/iPhone versions are all free.

  • Croq

    It looks like a bit of a price war has broken out on these task manager products. Due, Todo, and 2Do are all also at or near 50% off.