No, Microsoft Didn’t Bring Halo 4 To iOS – This $4.99 Scam Is A Game Of Chess



While Apple has managed to keep the App Store free from malware, it seems the Cupertino company has a hard time filtering out scams. Every so often, a shameless developer tries their luck at selling a title that promises to be something it isn’t. The latest claims to be a Halo 4 clone that is “iPhone/iPad exclusive.” They’ve gone through the trouble of writing a lengthy App Store description in an effort to fool you into thinking it’s the real thing. But in reality, it’s just a $4.99 game of chess.

The app’s description reads:

Halo 4 for iPhone/iPad is the fourth installment in the Halo series where Master Chief returns to battle an ancient evil bent on vengeance and annihilation.

This version is iPhone/iPad exclusive.

It then goes on to list all of the game’s supposed features, like single player and multiplayer modes that can be played in first- and third-person perspectives. It even promises Game Center achievements, while the app’s screenshots are all clearly taken from Halo 4 for the Xbox 360.

What’s most amazing about this particular title, however, is that at the time of writing this post, it has more than 200 ratings, the vast majority of which are 5-star. But don’t let those fool you into a false sense of security; this app is nothing but a scam, and it’s reviews and ratings are fake.

The real reviews tell the truth:

Bought this app because I thought it had to do with halo 4. Instead, it is nothing more than a chess game. This is a serious false advertising issue and I am contacting the proper federal administrative agency to handle this situation. DO NOT BUY! SCAM! Fraud!

It’s amazing that an app called “Halo 4,” that has a Halo 4 logo, can actually be just a game of chess and still be approved by Apple. I have no idea how something like this slips through its net.

I’ve put a link to this app below — just so that you can check it out for yourself, and I urge you to report it to Apple while you’re there. But please don’t buy it. It isn’t Halo 4, it’s just a $4.99 game of chess.

Source: App Store

Via: MacMixing

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  • letozzetti

    Congrats again to App Store review team!

  • technochick

    Congrats again to App Store review team!

    Slow your roll there. They were scammed too. You can change your app description without having to have a full review and after getting approval on a legit chess app that is what the developers did. And smart enough to change it now when the team at Apple is on a known shutdown.

  • Saladin

    More scams are appearing. I just saw “Shinobi” and “Populous”

  • Tex

    Another scam everyone should be aware of is the Amway Tool Scam. Google StopTheAmwayToolScam for more information, and forward this to every non-IBO you know, so they don’t get scammed.