Coke Ad Turns Rolled-Up Magazine Into iPhone Speaker Dock

Coke Ad Turns Rolled-Up Magazine Into iPhone Speaker Dock

Sick, enraged or just plain glum about the fact that your new iPhone 5 won’t work with your multiple and expensive speaker docks? Then you should probably lose that sense of entitlement.

Or you could move to Brazil (where an iPhone costs the same as a small private plane, more or less) and start buying paper magazines. Because a recent Coca Cola ad turns a copy of Capricho magazine into a passive cylindrical speaker dock.

You can of course do this yourself with nothing but an X-Acto knife and a tab of duct tape, but it’s nice to see an ad for something as polluting as a soft drink (think of all those glass and plastic bottles!) actually being used for good. Not only are you reusing your magazine, you are simultaneously not buying a new speaker.

Gimmick? Sure. Cheap trick to fool idiotic bloggers into posting about this “viral” campaign? Undoubtedly. But so what? Making speakers from rolled-up magazines is awesome. Plus, your dog will be totally stoked that you have nothing to whack him with next time he shits on the floor.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    Bad ad.

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