First Teaser Trailer For The Walking Dead Game Series Looks Incredible


Telltale is expected to bring The Walking Dead to iOS in April.

Telltale Games, the studio behind popular iOS games like Back to the Future and Monkey Island, is developing a new series based on the hit TV show The Walking Dead. If that news alone doesn’t get you excited, then check out this incredible teaser trailer.


There are still a lot of questions about this game that we’re yet to get answers to, like what kind of gameplay it will throw up and when it will hit the App Store. But according to Touch Arcade, we can expect to see it on iPhone and iPad in April, shortly after its launch on consoles and PC.


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  • ProfBriHi

    Why does this site continue to put up Flash video that no one can view on an iOS device?

  • sarno

    “If that news alone doesn’t get you excited, that check out this incredible teaser trailer.”

    I really wish the writers on this site would proof their stuff, it really lowers the integrity of the site and what they stand for. I CONSTANTLY see this problem…argh

  • Scarbir

    It’s a Telltale game. There is nothing incredible about this.

  • Jubert Lowe III

    looka like borderland with humans and a human envirement.

  • prof_peabody

    zombies are soooo boring!  (and completely unimaginative)  

    at the core of the zombie genre is a fear of death.  in other words, they are kiddie stories for scared little kiddies.  

    why not be a brave *adult* instead?   

  • makebeatz

    Good for you, hows that island? The Walking Dead season 2 finale received over 9 million viewers, making it the most-watched basic cable tv drama ever

  • Cody Williams

    your comment is just as boring ;)

  • Al

    Personally I find the whole post-apocalyptic landscape to be the thrill, and the challenge of survival, and the mystery of what or who caused it and why.

    But whatever, Prof. I guess your opinion is the only one that matters. As usual.

  • Al

    They don’t. It’s a YouTube embedded video. It’s up to YouTube to serve you the correct format. Sometimes with very new videos this takes a while to happen. Try again later and it might work :)