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Telltale’s new episodic Batman game lands on iOS next month


Batman Enemy Within
iOS gamers can return to Gotham City next month.
Photo: Telltale Games

Telltale’s episodic point-and-click adventure game Batman: The Enemy Within has finally gotten a release date on iOS.

Episodes one and two of the sequel to 2016’s Batman: The Telltale Series will land in the iOS App Store on September 26. Episode one of the five-part series was released on consoles and PC in early August, but mobile gamers must wait a bit to get their hands on the new title.

In the meantime, check out the Batman: The Enemy Within trailer below.

Telltale’s eagerly anticipated Batman game finally hits iOS


Check out the gorgeous, rotoscoped-style artwork.
Photo: Telltale

Promising to take you inside the “fractured psyche” of Bruce Wayne, a gorgeously animated new Batman iOS game plunges players into a branching narrative that features plenty of DC Comics’ favorite Bat-characters.

The first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series — from Telltale Games, maker of great iOS titles like Tales from the Borderlands and The Walking Dead — lands today, and it looks like another story-driven winner. Check out the trailer below.

Minecraft: Story Mode stars two Goonies and a Pee-Wee


Craft your own story with the choices you make.
Craft your own story with the choices you make.
Photo: Telltale Games

Minecraft has always let you tell your own story with it’s open-world sandbox game. You can dig, build, fight zombies, and even explore amazing worlds built by other Minecraft fans and find your own way to play.

Now, though, Telltale wants you to immerse yourself in a new authored story that will be released episodically. Titled Minecraft: Story Mode, the upcoming game features a ton of famous voice-over actors to bring the story to life.

Take a listen to the trailer below and see if you can at least figure out who the main character, Jesse, is.

Craft adventures with new Minecraft: Story mode


This open-ended world just got its first scripted story game. Photo: Mojang
Photo: Microsoft

Grab your diamond pickaxe and get ready to delve once more into massively successful indie-hit Minecraft, only this time, it’ll be within an episodic, story-based game from Telltale Games, purveyor of such fine episodic video game content as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Game of Thrones.

Titled Minecraft: Story mode, the game will launch on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation in 2015 and will release episodically, with new characters and typical Minecraft themes, which we assume will be “mining,” and “crafting,” two major components of the in-game world.

Next chapter of The Wolf Among Us looks even more brutal and scary


the wolf among us

The third episode in acclaimed adventure game The Wolf Among Us has just dropped on Steam, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and iOS, and –if the trailer below is any indication — it’s a doozy. Titled ‘A Crooked Mile,’ the new episode looks to raise the stakes for its main character, the detective in a city full of ex-patriate fairy tale characters.

It looks like Bigby Wolf is really working on the “bad” part of his better known moniker (The Big Bad Wolf) in this video game series based on the Eisner Award-winning Fables graphic novels by Bill Willingham and published by Vertigo Comics.

The trailer (below) is short on details but long on accolades as it shows Bigby tearing through the magical side of New York, dropping the F-bomb and getting very, very angry. Those red eyes aren’t a good sign for anyone.

Hilarious Game Glitch Makes Big Bad Wolf Hump The Air


Can you get enough of this? No, no you cannot.
Can you get enough of this? No, no you cannot.

If you’ve played any of the new Telltale Games series The Wolf Among Us, you’ll know who that hairy dude with the bandages is. It’s Bigby Wolf (née Big Bad), the star of the fantastic adventure game series based on the Eisner award-winning comic book series, Fables, by Bill Willingham.

The doctor here is telling Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fable town, to take it easy, get some rest. Eat more chicken.

See the full video below.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Gets New Trailer, Haunting Song Download



The second season of The Walking Dead: The Game is well underway, with the launch of Episode 2, “A House Divided” on the 4th of this month. It’s ready for download as an in-app purchase on the Mac version of the game via Steam as well as through the iOS version of the gritty adventure game based on the award-winning comic book of the same name.

Publisher Telltale Games has just put up a slick-looking trailer for the game, with a haunting new song that plays over the end of the video. You can download the song over on the Telltale Games site for free as well, in case you’re longing for the old-timey feel of the thing after you watch the trailer below.

Tales From The Borderlands Developers Set For Exclusive Panel At SXSW Gaming Expo



Tales from the Borderlands developers Telltale Games and Gearbox Software will reveal the first details about their forthcoming game during a panel at the SXSW Gaming Expo, Telltale revealed today.

The award-winning studios will describe how they first came to work together on the eagerly-anticipated project, how the game might unfold, and (hopefully) plenty of other juicy details.

They’re Back – The Walking Dead: Season Two Unveiled



Think you’ve seen the last of The Walking Dead on your Mac or iOS device? Think again.

Telltale Games, the award-winning developer of recent hit games The Walking Dead: Season One and Fables: The Wolf Among Us, announced Tuesday the coming premiere of the second season of The Walking Dead video game series for Mac, iOS, PC, and home game consoles later this year.

The Walking Dead: Season Two is available for pre-order right now from Steam and the Telltale Games Online store.

Telltale Says The Wolf Among Us Delayed For Mac On Steam


Mac version available soon

Oh, woe are we!

Telltale’s follow up to hit adventure game The Walking Dead has been delayed for Mac, due to “an unforeseen issue with the Mac version of Episode 1,” whatever that means. The Wolf Among Us is an episode-based adaptation of Vetigo’s Fable, a graphic novel set in the real world with mythical fairy tale creatures like Snow White, Jack Frost, Pinocchio, and–of course–the Big Bad Wolf.

The game publisher updated its original blog post announcement of the October 11 release to say that it “is working on an update right now and expect to have the Mac build live on Steam and the Telltale website within the next few days.”

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Wolf? Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us Launches Friday



Warner Bros. / DC Comics-owned Vertigo has published this amazing ongoing series called Fables since 2002. Written by Bill Willingham, the stories all revolve around the idea that all the characters in fairy tales are real, and they’ve been banished to upstate New York until they can reclaim their ancestral homelands.

One of the most interesting characters is Bigby, better known as the big bad wolf from tales like “Red Riding Hood” and “The Three Little Pigs.”

Bigby is the sheriff of this winged-horse town, and he’s kind of a badass. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of this gritty noir-thriller based on the award-winning comic, Fables.

‘The Walking Dead: 400 Days’ Coming July 3rd To Mac, July 11 To iOS


So scary.
So scary.

One of our picks for the top games of 2012 is The Walking Dead, Telltale Games’ brilliant video game translation of the award-winning comic book and TV show.

It’s getting a sequel, of sorts, in the form of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a transitional piece between Seasons one and two of The Walking Dead game proper.

Today, IGN reported that 400 Days is indeed headed our way, with a Mac port slated for July 3rd, with only a short wait for an iOS version on July 11.

The Walking Dead Episode Three Hits iOS With Long Road Ahead



Telltale Games announced today that iOS users can now download Episode Three of The Walking Dead: The Game, entitled “Long Road Ahead,” to their iPhone or iPad. It’s the third of five episodes in the critically acclaimed series based on Robert Kirkman’s zombie drama, The Walking Dead, which started as an award-winning comic book, then made its way to become a critically-acclaimed television series on AMC.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Touchgrind BMX, The Heist, Siege Hero & More!


Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 18.46.23

Illusion Labs – the team behind the hugely successful Touchgrind skateboarding game – have taken everything that made their first hit such a success and used it to create Touchgrind BMX. Put the skateboard to one side and become a BMX pro – performing spectacular tricks in beautifully crafted locations all over the world.

The Heist is currently famous for its overwhelming popularity that has helped it knock Angry Birds off the top spot of the App Store’s paid chart. Featuring a collection of mind-bending puzzles that you must solve in order to get your hands on the valuable prize inside the vault.

Siege Hero boasts gameplay similar to Angry Birds, in that you must destroy a group of enemies protected by glass, rocks and timber. However, instead of taking aim at a group of ugly pigs, vikings are your enemies, and rocks replace the birds as your ammo.

Find out more about the games above and check out the rest of the week’s must-haves – including Back to the Future: Episode 3 and To-Fu: The Trials of Chi – below!

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Green Farm, Hector HD & MetalStorm


Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 19.31.35

Green Farm is Gameloft’s answer to popular farming sims such as Farmville. It’s a free, online ‘social game’ that can be played on your iPhone, iPad, or through Facebook. It boasts a fresh design and huge variety that attempts to “take farming apps to the next level.”

Hector is the hugely entertaining detective from Telltale Games who’s been solving crimes on our iPhones for some time — and now he’s brought his foul mouth and vulgar wit to the iPad. We Negotiate with Terrorists is the first episode of this law-enforcement comedy in HD.

Find out more about the applications above and check out MetalStorm: Online and Samurai Girl below.

‘Back to the Future’ Episode 2 Now Available for iPad




The second in a series of five Back to the Future games for the iPad has finally hit the App Store today. This touch-based puzzle adventure from Telltale Games delivers a mesmerising experience that remains true to the original trilogy, with innovative touch controls and impressive visuals.

This episode is called “Get Tannen,” and its App Store description reads:

Marty is keeping an eye on Doc Brown’s proverbial date with scientific destiny when he and 1980s Doc must prevent gang boss Kid Tannen from wreaking havoc on Marty’s family and erasing his girlfriend from the future!

Just like the first episode, this one is $6.99 and compatible with the iPad only. If you’re a fan of this movie and a lover of adventure games, this title is guaranteed to please.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Back to the Future, Starfront, N.O.V.A 2 & More!


Screen shot 2011-02-19 at 20.42.39

This week’s must-have iOS games includes the incredible sequel to Gameloft’s hugely successful sci-fi FPS, N.O.V.A. This follow up title boasts new enemies with improved AI, a larger range of weapons and powers, and 10-on-10 online multiplayer – you won’t want to miss it!

Starfront: Collision is the second of Gameloft’s latest hits to make our list this week. Once again the company has looked at an incredibly popular game and created an iOS alternative that doesn’t disappoint. It’s a model they’ve been following for while with their App Store releases, and one that certainly seems to be working well for them. For fans of Blizzard’s Starcraft series and other real-time strategies, I highly recommend Starfront: Collision.

Since I first read it was coming, Back to the Future: Episode 1 for iPad was a game I couldn’t wait to see hit the App Store, and thanks to its striking voiceovers and delightful story line, the wait for this game didn’t disappoint. It’s sure to warm the hearts of fans of the movie and firmly earns its place in our favorite games.

Find out more about the games above and check out the rest of this week’s must-have, including Mahjongg Dimensions and Sky Combat, after the break!

This is Heavy, Doc! ‘Back to the Future: Episode 1’ Now on iPad [Must-Have Game]


Back to the Future for iPad

Back to the Future: Ep 1 HD – ($6.99) iPad – Games

The first in a series of five highly-anticipated Back to the Future games for the iPad has finally hit the App Store with a brand new escapade for Marty and Doc. This touch-based puzzle adventure features striking voiceovers and a delightful story line that is sure to warm the hearts of fans of the movie. I adore how Telltale Games’ efforts have delivered a mesmerising experience that remains true to the original trilogy, with innovative touch controls and impressive visuals that make Back to the Future: Episode 1 a fantastic iPad game.

Set 6 months after the events in the third movie, this storyline sees Marty take off in the DeLorean to save Doc once again. If you’re a fan of this movie and a lover of adventure games, this title is a sure-fire way to cure your weekend boredom – I’m certain you won’t be able to put it down.

The other four episodes in this series are scheduled for release on a monthly basis, so look out for episode two in mid March.