First Teaser Trailer For The Walking Dead Game Series Looks Incredible


Telltale is expected to bring The Walking Dead to iOS in April.
  • ProfBriHi

    Why does this site continue to put up Flash video that no one can view on an iOS device?

  • sarno

    “If that news alone doesn’t get you excited, that check out this incredible teaser trailer.”

    I really wish the writers on this site would proof their stuff, it really lowers the integrity of the site and what they stand for. I CONSTANTLY see this problem…argh

  • Scarbir

    It’s a Telltale game. There is nothing incredible about this.

  • Jubert Lowe III

    looka like borderland with humans and a human envirement.

  • prof_peabody

    zombies are soooo boring!  (and completely unimaginative)  

    at the core of the zombie genre is a fear of death.  in other words, they are kiddie stories for scared little kiddies.  

    why not be a brave *adult* instead?   

  • makebeatz

    Good for you, hows that island? The Walking Dead season 2 finale received over 9 million viewers, making it the most-watched basic cable tv drama ever

  • Cody Williams

    your comment is just as boring ;)

  • Al

    Personally I find the whole post-apocalyptic landscape to be the thrill, and the challenge of survival, and the mystery of what or who caused it and why.

    But whatever, Prof. I guess your opinion is the only one that matters. As usual.

  • Al

    They don’t. It’s a YouTube embedded video. It’s up to YouTube to serve you the correct format. Sometimes with very new videos this takes a while to happen. Try again later and it might work :)