Fire Off An Instant Email From Your Mac’s Menu Bar With QuickMailer


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Sometimes the morass of Mail windows on a Mac can just become too much. Various apps have tried to help manage this in various ways: Sparrow by bringing the streamlined Tweetie aesthetic to mail, Postbox by in-line quick replies, and so on.

Even so, more often than not, when I close Mail for the day, I’m closing about a dozen or two blank or half-written email windows that have been opened during the day, then forgotten. Why can’t sending an email be as painlessly fire-and-forget as sending an IM? Enter QuickMailer.

QuickMailer is a new $0.99 app in the Mac App Store that does just one thing: allow you to send quick email messages from the OS X menu bar, without getting distracted by other tasks.

It’s super simple to set up, automatically slurping in your main email account and allowing you to send mails. It also has full access to your address book. There aren’t many options, but that’s really the whole point: this is for firing off an email in a quick blaze without allowing yourself any time to be distracted, not a dedicated email app.

[via Addictive Tips]

Deals of the Day

  • Cowboy Ron

    Just what the world needs: an easier way to fire off unconsidered emails.

  • jasondeno

    Mountain Lion came out with a way in which you can send messages,tweets,mail etc direct from the menu bar,it’s a little arrow on the top left hand side,for those who already have the new OS X.

  • Bob Forsberg

    More waste of bandwidth with meaningless noise.

  • Greg Malone

    Who reviewed this app and wrote this recommendation?   Did you seriously try this app?  It is a complete fail.  Why?   Who would’ve thought that this promising app lacked the following basic features….

    1.  Cannot configure the app to identify the email account to use

    2.  Does not auto-fill an address being typed from the Address Book or any other address source… when it tries to it either doesn’t find a match (that is there) or fills with the wrong address — but most of the time you have to type the entire address from memory.

    3.  No provision for adding an automatic signature.   In fact, no provisions for configuration at all, except a couple minor bits.

    Although this app was only 99 cents, I feel especially ripped off here.  And what’s with Cult of Mac recommending it?   Hmmm.