Is Nintendo Trying To Lure iOS Developers Into Wii U Development?



Following a report that claims Nintendo is set to open up its own app store for its upcoming Wii U console, there are now suggestions that the Japanese gaming giant is “actively courting” iOS developers in a bit to lure them over to Wii U game development. One developer reports that the company even offered “assistance” with porting their title from iOS to be played on the console’s new controller, which features a 6.2-inch touchscreen.

Forget The Box reports:

My good friend in Los Angeles who works for a software developer claims Nintendo approached them and offered them assistance in porting and publishing some software from iOS to the Wii U so it can be played on the Wii U’s touchscreen controller. Due to non-disclosure agreements, I can’t get into full details of what was discussed because it would reveal my source.

What’s most interesting is that it seems games aren’t the only thing that may be coming to the Wii U, but also ebooks as well. Like Apple’s iBooks service, Nintendo is reportedly planning to launch an ebooks store, home to books, magazines, newspapers, and comics, which will be streamed to the Wii U controller’s touchscreen and the Nintendo 3DS handheld.

None of the rumors are yet to be confirmed, but Nintendo’s plans certainly seem to make sense. The company has been losing out to iOS and other mobile devices in recent years, with significantly cheaper software available on devices that we already own — like the iPhone and iPod touch. With an app store of its own, however, Nintendo may be able to offer similar titles at similar prices. But will the company be able to pull it off?

[via Electronista]


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  • Nathan Glass

    I’m a fan of Nintendo. Can’t wait to see what they pull off.

  • Jan van Kempen

    Surely in a bid to lure them over… English isn’t my first language but I’m pretty sure of that.

  • TheMacAdvocate

    In order to properly pronounce Nintendo’s offering, one must think of pig noises.

    “Snort, snort. Wii-u!”

  • Lindsay Manahan

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