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Jobs: A Spoiler-Free Review Of The Movie All Apple Fans Must See


You're going to see; here's what to expect.
You're going to see it. Here's what to expect.

Look, I’ll be straight with you, I’m not a movie critic. Nope, just an average moviegoer. But I am an Apple fan, and probably, like you, one who greatly admired Steven P. Jobs.

So ever since last Tuesday, when I got to sit through an early screening of Ashton Kutcher’s much-hyped new movie, Jobs, people have been asking me what I think of it. Is this a film that lives up to the buzz? Did Kutcher deliver? Or more often, “Just how bad was it?”


Cult of Mac’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers



It’s that time of year again. Not the holidays — I’m mean yeah, sure it is, but that’s pretty obvious. No, it’s the time of year when we drive ourselves (and others) a little crazy running around trying to find gifts at the last minute. Especially those pesky stocking stuffers — the little gifts that fill in the gap between “it’s Christmas? Geez, I completely forgot” and “honey, I bought you a Lexus.”

California Governor Declares Sunday, October 16th As Steve Jobs Day



California Governor Jerry Brown announced Friday, that Sunday, October 16th will be known as “Steve Jobs Day” statewide. This will coincide with the private Steve Jobs memorial planned at Standford University for the Apple co-founder. The Governor tweeted the news about Sunday late Friday after the announcement that some of Silicon Valley’s well-known people were invited to the memorial service at Stanford.

Steve Jobs’s Obsession With Perfection Made Him A ‘Nightmare Subject’ for Photographers


Jobs getting serious about selling Macs
Jobs getting serious about selling Macs

We’ve heard some wonderful stories from people who were lucky enough to have met Steve Jobs, all of which describe Steve as a remarkable man who was, amongst other things, determined, driven, and passionate. Steve knew what he wanted, and he was committed to making it happen, and to photographers who worked with him, that made him a very challenging photo subject.

Facebook Scam Has Already Claimed 21,000 Victims by Exploiting Steve Jobs’ Death


Screen Shot 2011-10-06 at 3.55.54 PM

Scammers have already taken to Facebook to exploit the death of Steve Jobs. PandaLabs has “detected a malicious link” on Facebook that was making the rounds earlier and claiming victims.

The page was called “R.I.P. Steve Jobs” and a link on the page claimed that 50 free iPads were being given away “in memory of Steve Jobs.” This was obviously a scam, but it seems that over 21,000 Facebook users have already been infected by the malware.