Facebook Scam Has Already Claimed 21,000 Victims by Exploiting Steve Jobs’ Death


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Scammers have already taken to Facebook to exploit the death of Steve Jobs. PandaLabs has “detected a malicious link” on Facebook that was making the rounds earlier and claiming victims.

The page was called “R.I.P. Steve Jobs” and a link on the page claimed that 50 free iPads were being given away “in memory of Steve Jobs.” This was obviously a scam, but it seems that over 21,000 Facebook users have already been infected by the malware.

The page was shut down at 8:00 AM PDT this morning, and it’s unclear how many PC users were infected. Over 21,000 people clicked the link during a period of only 8 hours. The page apparently gained five new fans per second and ended up collecting over 90,000 fans before being pulled.

“Unfortunately, as soon as we learned of Steve Jobs’ death, we knew scammers would start to figure out how to exploit it,” said Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs. “It is not unusual for cyber-crooks and fraudsters to take advantage of headline-grabbing events to spread their creations and affect the maximum number of victims possible in a short period of time.”

Only PC users would of course be susceptible to this malware. Mac users are fine. Thanks for that, Steve.

(via Electronista)

  • BrianVoll

    Wow, using someone’s death for your own personal gain. These guys deserve to rot in hell. Especially since this man changed these guy’s life. Hell, they probably wouldn’t be distributing malware if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs.

  • markbyrn

    I’d gladly exchange the lives of a thousand scammers to have Steve Jobs back for another year.  

  • Jack McClauren

    I was worried, I clicked on the link yesterday… Then I read “only affects PC’s”, Ha.

  • fr0stedfm


    R.I.P Steve Jobs ?

  • Sean Murphy

    i would go ten fold

  • alexcon51

    Those 21,000 people are idiots -.-

  • JohnGere9678

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  • Monica della Torre

    Since Facebook has not had an iPad app for years….. those are most likely PC users of Facebook.

  • Justin Kelly

    How does this get through Facebooks “Quality Control”?  I mean really…..

  • Alex

    Quality control at Facebook…. good one 

  • mlahero

    Absolutely disgusting. Some people really are utterly heartless.

  • Wheresyourgodnow


  • Logan

    Read the last line douche.

  • Wheresyourgodnow

    “Only PC users would of course be susceptible to this malware. Mac users are fine. Thanks for that, Steve.” Wheres the proof of this please? I don’t see anything proof or citation showing this so what you have said is invalid. Troll harder.

  • Logan

    Seriously I am the troll? And where is your proof? Have some respect dude.

  • Fred Maxwell

    You’re the one disputing the article — you prove it, dick-head.

  • Chris

    hey, without steve jobs we wouldn’t have PCs and malware wouldn’t be a problem :D:D