Apple tests out new OLED suppliers for future iPhone refresh


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BOE Technology could join Apple's supply chain next year.
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Apple is said to be “aggressively testing” OLED screens from other suppliers ahead of a 2020 iPhone refresh.

Cupertino reportedly wants to diversify its supply chain next year. It currently relies heavily on Samsung for OLED panels, with LG Display making only small contributions for the iPhone XS lineup.

Struggling iPhone display-maker secures massive bailout


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Japan Display makes the LCD screens for the iPhone XR.
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Struggling Apple display-maker Japan Display has successfully secured bailout funding of 80 billion yen ($738 million).

The funding comes from Chinese investment firm Harvest Group and Hong Kong-based Oasis Management. It was previously reported that Apple would be part of this bailout package — to the tune of $100 million.

Apple could lend a major assist to struggling display maker


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Japan Display currently makes LCD screens for the iPhone XR.
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Apple could give struggling supplier Japan Display a boost by investing $100 million in the company. This will offer a valuable lifeline as Japan Display goes through restructuring after a key investment fell through.

Apple currently represents 60% of Japan Display’s sales. Thanks to the deal, it could soon make up even more.

Apple may throw a lifeline to struggling iPhone display-maker


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Japan Display currently makes iPhone XR displays for Apple.
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Apple may help out struggling display-maker Japan Display, a new report claims.

Japan Display, which makes screens for the iPhone XR and an upcoming Apple Watch model, suffered a devastating blow this week. After appearing to have sorted out a bailout from a Chinese consortium, several members dropped out.

Struggling Apple display maker loses key investors


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Japan Display makes LCD displays for the iPhone XR.
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Struggling Apple display maker Japan Display has received some bad news. TPK Holdings, a panel maker that also works with Apple, revealed that it won’t invest a proposed $230 million after all.

Japan Display has been on the search for companies willing to throw it a lifeline. TPK was part of a hoped-for $723 million bailout.

Apple display maker could be forced to slash its workforce


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Japan Display makes LCD displays for the iPhone XR.
Photo: Apple

Apple display maker Japan Display is having a rough time right now. On Wednesday, it posted its ninth consecutive quarterly net loss, partly impacted by disappointing Apple orders.

The company made a loss of 98.6 billion yen ($899.22) million for the quarter. As a result, Japan Display is planning to cut around 1,000 jobs — a full tenth of its workforce.

Apple display-maker gets lifesaving cash influx


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Japan Display is the main supplier for iPhone XR screens.
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Apple display maker Japan Display revealed today that it has signed a 232 billion yen ($2.1 billion) deal that will bail-out the struggling company.

The deal gives a Chinese-Taiwanese conglomerate a 49.8% stake in the company, making it the biggest shareholder.

Apple secures new supplier for Apple Watch Series 5 screens


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Apple Watch could be better than ever next year.
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Japan Display will supply OLED screens for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5, according to a new report.

This will be the Japan Display’s first foray into OLED screens. The deal is said to be a “breakthrough” for the company, which has been suffering as a result of Apple’s move from LCD to OLED displays for the iPhone.