iOS 13.6 beta confirms that iPhones will work as car keys


iPhone car key feature is a rumor no more.
No room for doubt. iOS 13.6 Beta 2 flat out says Apple Wallet is getting virtual car keys.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple inadvertently confirmed rumors that iPhones will soon function as car keys. Buried in the privacy information for Apple Wallet in the iOS 13.6 Beta is a lengthy description of the upcoming feature.

Called “Adding and Managing Car Keys,” the verbiage details how wireless keys can be added to Wallet and how they can be shared.

iPhone 12 production starts in July


This iPhone 12 concept reflects all the latest rumors.
Assembly of the iPhone 12 might still be right around the corner.

The iPhone 12 series will reportedly start being assembled in July. Apple’s top-tier 2020 handsets are waiting on final testing.

What’s not clear how this information, supposedly coming from sources in Apple’s Asian supply chain, fits with various earlier rumors that the next-generation iPhone won’t debut until October. The company typically launches new models in September.

Sketchy report claims recording iPhone calls will be built into iOS 14


recording iPhone calls in iOS 14 is easy
It might be as easy as flipping a switch to start recording iPhone calls with iOS 14. Maybe.
Photo: IT Home/Cult of Mac

Recording phone and FaceTime calls with iPhones running iOS 14 could be as easy as flipping a switch, if an unconfirmed report is correct. It’ll supposedly be up to users to do so legally.

That said, the source for this info is a bit questionable.

Safari might translate webpages automatically in iOS 14


Hong Kong police arrest smugglers with $1 million of iPhones and other devices
If Safari can easily translate webpages, you might never see this again.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Soon you’ll visit a webpage in an unfamiliar language and see it automatically translated to one you can read with the iPhone Safari web browser. This reportedly will be a feature of iOS 14.

No third-party app will be needed. And the translation will supposedly take place directly on the handset, not a remote server.

iPhone 12 Pro Max looks absolutely gigantic in new mockups


iPhone 12 Pro Max Is the largest of four 3D mockups
iPhone 12 Pro Max will apparently tower over other 2020 models.
Photo: Macotakara

3D printed mockups of all four 2020 iPhone models might surprise some people. Especially the relative sizes.

Word of the first 6.7-inch iPhone first leaked out long ago, and plenty of additional details have since come to light. But even those who fully believe that Apple is prepping a super-size iPhone 12 Pro Max might not realize just how big it’ll be. Especially when compared to the 5.4-inch model the company is also supposedly working on.

Gorgeous iPhone 12 renders could spill new camera secrets


Render shows iPhone 12 camera with three lenses
The basic iPhone 12 might have three camera lenses, just as the current iPhone Pro models do.
Photo: Pigtou/xleaks7

The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 will jump from dual to triple camera lenses, if an unconfirmed report is correct. New renders supposedly showing other details this handset came to light as well.

If the basic 2020 iPhone gets a big camera upgrade, this would further blur the line between the iPhone 12 and the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro models. Previous leaks indicate that every iOS device coming this fall will have 5G and an OLED screen.

Marvelous iPhone 12 concept makes that smaller notch look totally hot


This iPhone 12 concept reflects all the latest rumors.
Note the substantially smaller notch in this iPhone 12 concept.

A set of concept 3D renders released Tuesday depict all the latest iPhone 12 rumors, including a recent report that this upcoming handset will have a substantially smaller screen cutout.

The images also include other features widely expected to be part of the autumn 2020 iPhone, like a LiDAR scanner.

Kuo: 5G iPhone delayed until October; iPhone SE Plus pushed back until late 2021


iPhone 12 with LiDAR scanner
The 5G iPhone allegedly won‘t be out quite as soon as many might hope.

The first iPhone with 5G reportedly won’t debut alongside the other new iOS handsets early this autumn. Trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Apple will begin producing a pair of 4G handsets in September, but won’t start making the 5G model until October.

Kuo also says an iPhone SE Plus with a larger screen than the current one might come out far later than he originally thought.