Binge time: Best Apple TV+ shows to stream during self-isolation [Review]


F. Murray Abraham & Rob McElhenney in Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet
F. Murray Abraham & Rob McElhenney as the squabbling idiot architects of wildly popular MMORPG Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet
Photo: Apple TV+

Trapped indoors with nothing to watch during the COVID-19 quarantine, or just sick of your usual streaming options? Apple TV+ harbors a day’s worth of exciting and compelling programming to finally dig into.

For anyone looking for an excuse to finally give the streaming service a try, here’s a guide to some standout shows. Not every Apple TV+ series is a slam dunk, but there are hidden gems waiting to be binged during these uncertain times.

Apple TV+ popularity might surprise you


First 3 episodes of crime drama Truth Be Told debut on Apple TV+
“Truth Be Told” on Apple TV+ was the fourth most popular streaming show to debut last quarter.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV+ shows are drawing plenty of attention, according to a market-analysis firm. Six of the ten most popular streaming series premiering last quarter were reportedly made by Apple.

Past meets present in Dickinson featurette


Death kindly stops by Dickinson
Hailee Steinfeld isn’t your typical Emily Dickinson.
Photo: Apple

In a new video, the creator and a star of Dickinson discuss how this Apple TV+ series uses events from the life of a 19th Century poet to discuss problems women still face.

Watch it now:

Game of Thrones star joins Dickinson for season 2


Jones played Loras Tyrell for six seasons of Game of Thrones.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Apple is quickly adding new members to the cast of Dickinson as it gears up for a new season, including the actor who played one of the most iconic minor characters of Game of Thrones.

Finn Jones, of Loras Tyrell fame, has reportedly signed on for a role in season 2. He will be joined by Pico Alexander as newcomers on the teen drama show that has been lauded as one of the best series to come out of Apple TV+ so far.

Apple TV+ blesses us with highest-quality 4K streams


How are Apple Originals looking on your TV?
Photo: Roku

If you’ve been enjoying Apple TV+ and wondering why your vision is suddenly better, it’s not that you’re getting younger. It’s that Apple’s new service streams the highest-quality 4K content yet.

That’s according to new tests that measure the bitrate of video streams. They reveal See has the highest bitrate so far, closely followed by The Elephant Queen.

Here is what’s on Apple TV+ right now


Apple spent more than $20 million advertising Apple TV+ last month
It's finally here.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV+ launched this morning. Costing $4.99 per month (or free to anyone who buys a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac), the subscription service brings Apple’s eagerly anticipated original TV shows to anyone who wants to watch them.

But what exactly does the service feature so far? And what’s the timeline for the release of Apple’s other shows? Check out our rundown.

See featurette gives inside look of Apple’s epic series


Apple delves behind the scenes of See in new featurette
Apple delves behind the scenes of See in new featurette
Photo: Apple

Apple is turning up the hype for the launch of Apple TV+ this morning with a new featurette for its big-budget series See.

The two-minute-long video shows never-before-seen clips of the show along with commentary from its creators and the cast. Early reviews for See were less than enthusiastic, but after seeing some of the behind the scenes shots, we’re cautiously optimistic that it could mature into something great.

First damning Apple TV+ reviews indicate an alarming lack of vision [Opinion]


Apple TV+ could have 26 million paying subs by 2025; 2.6 million currently
Just what is the vision behind Apple TV+?
Photo: Apple

The first Apple TV+ reviews are out — and, broadly speaking, they’re not great. Critics generally slammed the marquee shows on the Apple TV+ slate. Anyone wanting to pull together a movie poster with positive pull-quotes would need to do some serious wading through bile to emerge with choice excerpts.

That’s a shame. And while it might seem easy to write off the bad reviews — based on the just the first few episodes of four shows, all shown to critics prior to the service’s launch — the poor reception might suggest deep-seated problems for Apple TV+. It sounds like a service that suffers from a lack of vision.