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Hyundai Releases iPad Owner’s Manual for 2011 Equus



Hyundai has gone high-tech for their luxury Equus sedan, releasing the 2011 owner’s manual as a free interactive iPad app.  Now you can view a multimedia reference guide, locate Hyundai dealers, schedule service appointments, read (and ignore) safety warnings, and – according to the App Store description – “experience Equus rear-passenger massage and relaxation therapy.”

Wow. That’s some owner’s manual.

Even better, an iPad comes with the car! Nice perk. Vehicle cost: $58,900. iPhone and iPod touch versions of the app are scheduled for release shortly.

Next Up For Auction: An Apple Lisa 1



Another rare item from Cupertino, an Apple Lisa 1, hit the auction block this week.  The successor to the Apple II and the predecessor to the Macintosh, the Lisa originally shipped back in 1983.  Born of the pioneering work done at Xerox PARC and refined by Apple, it was the world’s first commercially available computer with a Graphical User Interface.

The first Lisa used two proprietary 5.25″ floppy disk drives known as “Twiggy” drives.  These were problematic and unreliable, and were replaced in 1984 with the Lisa 2 and a 400k 3.5″ floppy drive.  Most original Lisas were updated to the 3.5″ disk package, so very few Lisa 1 systems survive today.

As of this writing, current price on eBay is $15,000 after 4 bids, with 4 days left to go.  Check back late next Tuesday for the results. Following the recent Apple 1 sale, looks like another possible record in the making!

[via MacNN] [9to5mac]

Etch-a-Sketch Case Arrives for iPhone 4



Etch-a-Sketch, our childhood friend, returns again (in spirit) with this adorable case for the iPhone 4. Joining existing models available for the iPad and older iPhones, the slide-on hard case has cutouts for home button, cameras and microphone. $25 from Headcase.

Now you can relive those moments playing in front of the living room TV – or waiting in the dentist office…

[via iPhoneSavior]

Rockin’ the Holiday Classics in an iPad Band



Combining equal doses of high tech gadgetry and holiday schmaltz, members of the North Point iBand in Alpharetta, Georgia staged an entertaining performance of holiday classics utilizing only iPads and iPhones as instruments. An infectious selection of holiday ditties, combined with Casio’esque sonic fidelity, ensured that a good time was had by all!

Classics performed include Carol of the Bells, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, and Feliz Navidad. Apps used include SoundGrid, NLogFree, Melody Bell, Guitarist (Nylon String & Electric), iGog and Bassist.

Apparently these guys also didn’t get the memo about iPads being only for consumption…

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iPhone Coasters Evolve into Framed iPhone



This just in: RetromacCast reports on another variation of iPhone art, this time a large framed replica of an iPhone.  Created from individual iPhone app coasters, RMC co-host James initially suspected a force of iEvolution at work but was pleased to learn this was a 40th birthday gift from his wife.  Famed Banana Jr creator (and RMC co-host) John assisted with framing details like the home button and speaker.

Wisely, they didn’t attempt to create a white model.  Full photoset on Flickr, coasters from Meninos.

Geek Wedding Proposal Ingredients: Love, Friends, iPhones, MacBook Pro



Now here’s a story that wins on many fronts: after a two year courtship, Frank proposed to his girlfriend Kasey on a bridge in New York City’s Central Park.  What makes this particular proposal notable – besides its success – is that the Big Moment was assisted and captured by their friends using four synchronized iPhones, and managed by an ‘event director’ using a MacBook Pro.

Woz Business Card is Still Ultra Cool


Woz Business Card

Rediscovered from the Geek Archives: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has one of the coolest business cards I’ve ever seen.  Made from perforated stainless steel with laser-etched and painted lettering, Woz bragged on The Colbert Report in 2006 that he could cut steak with this thing!  I believe it.

This isn’t your Father’s Business Card.  Looks like Mr. Jobs isn’t the only Steve with good taste!

[via NetworkWorld]

Command Your Boat (or Starship) with this Dual-iPad Helmsman’s Chair



For Serious Ocean Mariners and Starfleet Captains of the Mind, Norwegian chair manufacturer NorSap has just unveiled a new concept iChair.  Designed to offer strength and flexibility for helmsmen during long sea voyages, this Enterprise-worthy throne comes complete with two iPad docks – so you can navigate and goof off at the same time –  cushioned forearm rests and an (optional) heated footrest!

Looks a bit like a cross between a dentist’s chair and Captain Pike’s wheelchair.  I’d pilot this for a while.

[via TUAW]

Halloween Goes High Tech in Salem with Haunted Happenings App


Salem Haunted Happenings

Halloween is Big Business in historic Salem, Massachusetts.  It’s now High Tech too.  For the 29th Haunted Happenings Celebration, the annual festival of witches, ghosts, and fall in New England, the town has created a new Haunted Happenings App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The app features info about the Festival Calendar of Events, local attractions and museums, restaurant and retail listings, and directions on how to get to Salem (tip: plan ahead and leave time).  Users also have an opportunity to purchase tickets for some events and attractions directly from the app.

Let the Frightful Fun Commence!  [via boston.com]