Geek Trend: The iPhone Coffee Table, Evolution of a Species



It’s official: the iPhone has joined the ranks of iFurniture.  Yesterday brought news of another iPhone coffee table, which joins a proud history of Apple-inspired furniture throughout the years.  In another Geek Trend, some members of the Cult of Apple can now kick their feet up both with and on their iDevices while lounging at home.

iPhone 4 Coffee Table

The iPhone 4 coffee table is a large slab of glass and either plastic or metal (details are scarce). Presumably the oversized antenna avoids the reception problems of its smaller cousin:

Rather low key for geek furniture, this may actually pass the spouse test.

iPhone 3G Coffee Table

An iPhone 3G coffee table was spotted by iLounge a few years ago, created by readers Tuan Nguyen and Ken Thomas out of corrugated cardboard and white glue:


Nice form of recycling.  Add some iPhone app coasters for a matching touch.

iPod 4G Coffee Table

The iPhone 3G table was itself was inspired by an older iPod 4G coffee table, this one created by Ashley Burrows from MDF, pine, perspex and about 30 hours of labor:

I love the earbuds as feet, but wonder if they get tripped over? No mag safe connector on this puppy.

iPod Mini Coffee Table

Finally, further back the evolutionary tree is the iPod Mini coffee table. Spotted by CoM’s own Nicole Martinelli while on the Italian beat, this museum quality piece is made from corian, glass and steel:

Glad to see a photo of at least one iTable with an iPhone sitting on top of it!  I wonder if we’ll soon start seeing really large iPads making forays into kitchens and dining rooms?