Apple snaps up virtual reality experts to boost AR push


iKinema motion capture
iKinema is expert in motion capture, and that expertise is headed for Apple.
Photo: iKinema

Apple confirms it purchased a company that makes virtual reality and motion The acquisition of iKinema could bolster the iPhone maker’s augmented relativity offerings, especially with a set of AR glasses supposedly coming next year.

Apple’s AR glasses team gets a new, no-nonsense leader


Apple‘s AR glasses project may have gotten a big boost from a new leader with long experience herding developers.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The top-secret group at Apple developing a pair of Augmented Reality glasses reportedly has a new leader. Kim Vorrath has been with the company for many years, and is now in charge of all Apple’s AR efforts.

Apple wants to put AR navigation in your car


Apple Maps could make driving easier with augmented reality navigation tips.
Apple Maps could make driving easier with augmented reality navigation tips.
Photo: Apple

Apple is exploring ways to build augmented reality into Apple Maps. Rather than top-down views of roads and intersections, the company is considering overlaying route information onto live views of the road ahead of the car.

Apple Maps has always lagged behind Google Maps. Building in AR could help it jump ahead.

Apple AR glasses concept is both futuristic and retro


Proposed Apple AR glasses would run realityOS, their own operating system.
Proposed Apple AR glasses would run realityOS, their own operating system.
Photo: Dominik Hofacker/ConceptsiPhone

An artist created a vision for a set of augmented reality glasses running a new Apple operating system. His concept video is built around the strong evidence that Apple is designing just such a product.

Watch the video now:

Apple’s VR headset could pack motorized headband system


Apple is definitely designing a head-mounted display like this one, but hopefully less brick-like.
Apple is definitely designing a head-mounted display like this one, but hopefully less brick-like.
Photo: Apple

Engineers are apparently working on an innovative design for the head-mounted display Apple is secretly developing: the company requested a patent for a motorized adjustment system.

Apple doesn’t openly talk about this project but this request, and another the company made recently, leave no room for doubt that the company is researching what will almost certainly be an augmented reality headset.

Noted analyst lists four ways that 5G will be a huge win for Apple


No matter what your AT&T iPhone says, everyone else says “5G E” is 4G.
Apple has years to get a real 5G iPhone on the market, according to a well-known analyst.
Photo: Cult of Mac/@Siddavarapu

The faster cellular data networks being rolled out now will bring tremendous benefits to Apple, according to a well-known industry analyst. Gene Munster even said today, “Apple will be one of 5G’s biggest beneficiaries.”

He listed a number of current and future products that will see gains from this nascent wireless tech.

Apple names senior exec to promote its augmented reality initiatives


There are plenty of AR apps but few people have heard of them. An Apple veteran has been tasked with changing that.
Frank Casanova is Apple's new AR boss.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s augmented reality efforts have a new spokesperson. Frank Casanova has been named head of marketing for Apple’s AR offerings.

Apple has been hard at work in this area for years, but its developer tools and the resulting AR apps haven’t attracted significant attention. Perhaps that’s why there’s a new senior director in charge of promoting them.

HoloLens creator leaves Apple AR headset team


With HoloLens, Microsoft enters the age of holographic computing. Photo: Microsoft
There’s been a slight setback at Apple’s secret team creating augmented reality smartglasses, like the ones being demonstrated here.
Photo: Microsoft

One of the designers of Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality (AR) smartglasses has left Apple.

Although exactly what Avi Bar-Zeev was working on is a secret, it was almost certainly a project to develop Apple’s own AR glasses.

2019 iPad could sport revolutionary 3D scanning tech


LEGO AR Studio
Apple's adding its laser-scanning tech to the next iPad.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple is all-in on augmented reality. This requires sensing the objects around the computer and user, which is why Apple reportedly intends to build its new “Time of Flight” laser scanning technology into the back of the next iPad.

The 2018 iPad Pro isn’t even out yet and there’s already a possible reason to wait on its replacement .

Apple hiring a neuroscientist, possibly for its mystery AR headset


Apple glasses
Apple has high expectations for its products, and it might take a neuroscientist to build its augmented reality glasses.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple employs a broad range of people, from software developers to retail staff. And soon, at least one neuroscientist.

The company is seeking an expert in sensory perception, suggesting the scientist will be employed developing its mysterious augmented reality glasses.