Leaked iOS 5 Home Screen Photo Reveals New Notification Bar



Is this a leaked photograph of the new iOS 5 home screen complete with a swanky new notification bar and a revamped camera icon, or simply the work of a talented Photoshopper?

While Steve Jobs’ keynote is still hours away, this could be our first glimpse of iOS 5, courtesy of TechCrunch. The most apparent differences between the home screen in this photograph and the one you’re greeted with in iOS 4 is that new bar across the top that is displaying two Twitter notifications, and the redesigned camera icon.

To me – a completely illiterate photo editor – this image looks like it could be genuine. Firstly, instead of a whole new notification system like those we’ve seen in iOS 5 mockup images, this notification bar maintains the existing iOS design for status bar alerts associated with things like tethering, Skype and voice recording:

Photo Jun 06 9 54 29 AM

Then there’s that revamped camera icon. If you were going to fake an image like this, why not just stick with the original camera icon and save yourself some work?

What’s interesting about this image is that it displays a “23º” weather icon – the same Celsius icon you’d find on European devices – as opposed to the 72º Fahrenheit icon found on U.S. devices.

Could this be the all-new notification system coupled with the all-new Twitter integration that is rumored to be coming to iOS 5? Well, I for one hope not.

Though we don’t have any information on how this notification system performs, or how it functions when you interact with its notifications, it doesn’t look anywhere near as spectacular as some of the mockups we’ve seen. And also, where are the home screen widgets? Surely they’ll be paraded on the home screen in iOS 5?

What do you think? Is this photo genuine, and what’s your opinion on that notification bar?

  • Alexandre Silva

    I think this is fake. The iPhone uses one font only, and the “2 mentions” is not an Helvetica. It’s most likely a Myriad font. Just look at the number 2 in “2 Mentions” and “O2”. Impossible to miss.

  • jkspn

    The Weather app icon depends on the setting for temperature unit. If you set it to Celsius, icon shows 23. If Fahrenheit, 73.

  • Charles

    I was thinking the same thing. i do like the idea of it though

  • KillianBell

    Well spotted. Upon closer inspection is also seems the “s” in “Mentions” isn’t the “s” in the Photos icon label.

    Could Apple use two different fonts, though?

  • Gordonh

    Can’t be, it uses the Myriad font, not the system Helvetica.

  • Aditya Chanana


  • Daniel Middlecote

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  • daniel12345

    It is not a leaked image at all- it is only a mockup. it was from the macrumors website and their caption for the image was “A likely mockup of iOS 5 posted by TechCrunch”

  • Filippus Johansson

    But in my opinion it looks better with Myriad than with Helvetica. And really, what says that they have to stick to the same font everytime? 

  • kcdk99

    I hope not… if that tiny little bar at the top is the most Apple can come up with, then Android here I come!… or at least jailbreak.

  • Jordan Wyatt

    The same Celsius symbol used on *anywhere but US* devices! :-)

  • Ben

    looks like genuine for me

  • Ben

    not true man have made the settings but no change 

  • Atikur Rahman

    Would love the notifications to work this way – very unobtrusive & simplistic

  • Catherine Mcguire

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  • netnerd258

    another site says this is but a mockup from teh internets.

  • Hampus

    What irks me is the fact that it says 2 mentions, i very much doubt Apple would use that bar to display anything but the notification that just came in, like the current blue boxes and then disappear after a while. I doubt the would just keep all notification there until you check them.

  • Hampus

    Well android also have just a tiny little bar at the top that fills up with icons for different reasons be it you got an sms or just that a certain app is running.
    Sure the also have the pulldown list but I am sure Apple would have some list too

  • Rob

    Swipe downward to expand notices..

  • kcdk99

    Yeah, I considered that, but I doubt that Apple would copy the same functional style and risk a patent infringement case or, at minimum, a “copy-cat”charge.

  • mahimahimahi

    Fake, the time is not 9:42 :P

  • bored

    why dont you tell us where you got the image, then we can make a better judgement ;)

  • James Beer

    Everyone should keep there pants on till after WWDC is over.

  • DrM47145

    Wrong. The icon does not change when you set units to Celsius.

  • Patrick Joaw

    If it’s real than this concept was most accurate: http://bit.ly/ios5notif :)

  • Chris

    Wrong. it does change when you change your ‘region’-setting to United States.

  • Dwharrison

    The Weather app depends on the Country setting.  Tell it you are in Canada and it will show 23C.

  • Storm Bear Williams

    The thing that raises my suspicion is the use of a 30% battery bar. I can’t imagine a promo photo showing a nearly drained battery.

  • Macrike

    I was just about to say the same thing. The typeface of the “2 Mentions” text is Myriad Pro, while the rest of the iPhone interface is set in Helvetica. I highly doubt that Apple would use two different typefaces on the iPhone UI, but of course, anything is possible.

  • Zeph McLearan

    It looks like the Find My iPhone icon is in the utilities folder and the weather icon has a different number maybe suggesting the icons will have live information 

  • Tash Wahid

    Getting excited!

  • CharliK

    Seriously Killian. I would have expected the hit foddering ‘statement’ headline to have been written by John. I thought you were better than that. I really thought that you could be counted on to play fair, unlike the other writers on the site. Alas it looks like CoM has become yet another tech gossip site that is only in it for the hits and the ad money. Pity. 

  • CharliK

    They also tend to take photos at Cupe using a US carrier not a UK. So this is unlikely to be an official photo. 

    And they are unlikely to be shipping iOS 5 loaded phones just yet to avoid this kind of leaking.

    My thought is that this is a jail broken phone. But then again, supposedly the guy that wrote the jail broken notification software similar to these shots was hired by Apple. Maybe that was part of getting their hands on his software. And thus removing one more reason to jailbreak, cause it is in the official OS

  • Rob

    Real and swipe downward… ;-)

  • kcdk99

    So… yeah… thanks, Apple, for diminishing what little credibility I had.