Apple Gets Moscone West Ready for WWDC [Gallery]


Images courtesy of MacRumors

If you weren’t already excited about Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference – which kicks off on Monday – these images of the Apple logo going up on Moscone West in San Francisco are guaranteed to get you in the mood.

Apple confirmed yesterday that CEO Steve Jobs will return to present this year’s WWDC, where he will reveal iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and the much-anticipated iCloud service.

Here are some more images of the Apple logo going up on Moscone West:

DSC00301 500x280
Image courtesy of MacPlus
  • Joel Johnston

    I’m looking forward to seeing Lion and knowing when it will be released to the public!

  • KillianBell

    Me too! I have tried the Lion preview (2) but it wasn’t stable enough for me so I gave up on it. However, I’m most looking forward to what’s going to be in iOS 5.

  • The?

    I want Lion to steal the show.

  • Jonjo

    iphone 5 please!!

  • Victor Dawson

    I wan’t lion and ios5

  • Rob Edwards

    Looking forward to seeing when Lion & iOS 5 will be released to the public, and to seeing what iCloud will actually offer, and more importantly how much it will cost.

  • cheesy11

    hopefully the icloud lives upto expectations

  • Cody

    I’m most excited about lion…I turned on multitouch gestures on my iPad using the developer tools, and now every time I try to close an app on my MacBook, I instinctively try to close it using 4 finger pinch…I’m hoping some of these same gestures are in lion…that would be great. I also thought that I wouldn’t like what I heard about the scrolling being reversed to act more like iPhone and iPad, but after browsing on my iPad 90% of the time and now only occasionally going to my Mac, I can see why they reversed the scrolling.