Apple Begins Preparing Components for iPad 3


iPad 2 order
Image used under Creative Commons license, from Flickr user: hddod

Apple has begun certifying components from several Taiwan-based manufacturers for its upcoming iPad 3, but could the device be launching in 2011?

Well… those of you who have been keeping your fingers firmly crossed up until now – hoping the third-generation iPad will launch before the year’s end – may want to release them now.

Industry sources speaking to DigiTimes have confirmed that Apple has begun certifying components for the iPad 3 with many Taiwan-based manufacturers “actively participating.” But while makers for backlight modules and light bars have already received certification from Apple, the certification of display panels is still in progress, according to component makers, and the iPad 3 won’t launch until 2012.

A seperate rumor that suggested Apple may adopt Samsung’s AMOLED displays for the iPad 3 was also quashed in the report. Sources claim this is “unlikely to happen” and that the iPad 3 will continue to use a 9.7-inch LCD panels from Samsung and LG Display.

Two iPads in one year did seem a little unlikely, though, didn’t it?

  • The?


  • KillianBell

    Me too. But I’m worried we won’t see one in the iPad 3.

  • GregsTechBlog

    I highly doubt that Apple would release the iPad 3 so soon after the iPad 2 release. iPad 2 owners would feel ripped off. 

  • Tony Caballero

    Damn straight we would!!

  • Tony Caballero

    Damn straight we would!!

  • cheesy11

    i want the ipad3 to come out next year, otherwise its really big profit, and less on pr that apple are selling their ipads for


    It’s too fast to launch next generation of iPad….