Eric Schmidt: If You’re Worried About Security, Use Chrome And a Mac



Wrapping up his D9 interview, Google’s Eric Schmidt had one last piece of advice for anyone worried about online security:

  • Use Google’s Chrome Browser
  • Use two factor authentication in Gmail
  • Get a Mac.

Macs aren’t susceptible to all the Windows PC viruses out there, Schmidt said. Schmidt said he was speaking as a proud former member of Apple’s board.

No one on stage ruined mentioned the Mac Defender Trojan or the new security system Apple just added to the heart of OS X.

But we agree with Schmidt. Get a Mac.

Anything else he should have mentioned?

  • adamriggins



    Agree! For security and better user experiences, pls go for Mac instead of PC windows

  • Robert Norris Hills

    Idiots are safer on a mac. Its always been like that. 

  • Hampus

    Well, there is a time coming where you can’t have idiots at the computer, they are the main source of infection

  • yao qq

    Have been using windows and IE,Avant browser with many years ,rarely hit by virus.

  • Roger Poh

    Chrome is so lag when im opening a new webpage and the scrolling is slooooooooow

  • oriorda

    For heaven’s sake! Mac Defender is NOT a virus. 

    It  depends on a user being fooled into actually installing it, without which it can do NOTHING. It’s a social issue, as distinct from the hundreds of thousands of threats on Windows which operate entirely without any user intervention.

    The REAL culprit in all this recent spat about the Mac Defender issue is the degree to which Google’s SEO process has been poisoned by fake links which the user has to click on before he is offered the opportunity to download Mac Defender. How is that that these  fake links get onto Google’s first link page????

  • djgrahamj

    Yep, and non-idiots, too.

  • djgrahamj

    I agree with the Mac part but I won’t use a browser that integrates a component as buggy and full of security holes as Flash.

  • imajoebob

    Which is why it’s clearly called the “Mac Defender Trojan.”  I refuse to acknowledge this as malware; I use the term idiotware, because you need an idiot to run it.  And I think the OS X “security system” is a big step  above AV apps, because it’s the first built-in  code to try and protect a computer from (idiot) users!

  • imajoebob

    Since Schmidt’s got this much faith in Apple’s coding, I’ll stick with Safari.

  • Wes

    rarely = more than never

  • Jeff Liu

    Ironic that he didn’t recommend Chrome OS instead of Mac$