iPad 2 to Hit Taiwan By End of May, Android Devices Suffer its Delay


iPad on sale in Taiwan. Image courtesy of MIC Gadget.

Apple is still yet to announce an official launch date for the iPad 2 in Taiwan, but some sources are claiming the device is set to hit the country before the month is out, while Android tablets in the country are suffering from its delay.

Sources in the “retail channel” for the Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes believe that the second-generation iPad will be available in Taiwan within the next 1-2 weeks, while some retailers are even claiming the launch date will be as early as this Friday, May 20th.

Studio A, Taiwan’s largest Apple reseller, has been offering iPad 2 pre-orders for some time, but will not specify a date for the device’s release.

Other tablet suppliers are suffering as a result of the device’s delayed release, according to the DigiTimes. As consumers await a launch date to make comparisons with the other tablets available, Android-powered devices are feeling the strain.

Despite this, some tablet suppliers are still unable to satisfy the demand from consumers. Acer is currently experience a supply gap of 25% for its tablet, while Asustek is also suffering shortages with its Eee Pad.

Last month Apple’s much-anticipated iPad 2 was launched in Hong Kong, India, Isreal, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates; however, some countries are still waiting to get their hands on the device.