Just How Green Is Your iPhone? This Infographic Will Show You [Earth Day]




Apple does a pretty good job at being an environmentally conscious company. It seems like towards the end of every keynote, Steve Jobs expounds on what Apple is doing to lower the carbon foot print of their products. To celebrate Earth Day the guys over at Geekaphone created a really great info graphic to show just how eco-friendly the iPhone is. Packed with neat little facts, like how the iPhone 4 reduced emissions by 18% where as the iPhone 3G increased emissions by 22%, the big graphic is worth a look for anyone who wants to grasp the picture of their cellphones impact on the environment.


[via Geekaphone via TNW]

  • aramishero

    This article is retarded… How about everyone back to old age without any gadget?

  • aramishero

    No buyer no seller…

  • WVMikeP

    Not perfect, but based on that, the biggest problem isn’t Apple, but the knuckle-headded users who throw their phones in the trash.

  • ctt1wbw

    Chinese workers can’t expect to make the exact same wages as American workers. If $10 per day is the equivelant of our US salary, then that’s fair. Plus, I’m sick and tired (and tired and sick) of hearing about “green” this and “green” that. There’s no such thing as “green” except money.

  • Mathias Grelck Johnsen

    So true. If people were REALLY interested in being “green” they should try questioning the society-paradigm in which they are trying to resolve issues, a society which actually rewards/promotes pollution & waste due to the principal of cyclical consumption which in and of itself is contradictory to sustainability(“greeness”). Our structure of society is old and un-sane(not to be confused with in-sane). There are great alternatives such as The Venus Project.

  • oriorda

    More nuttiness from the enviro-wacko movement. These guys want to de-industrialize the First World and turn us all back to a ‘self-suffiency’ model where we grow our own food, swap meat for tofu, kill our personal cars in exchange for waiting in open-toed hemp sandals in the rain for a bus that never arrives. That their ‘solutions’ condemn the Third World to a low-energy regime that denies them the opportunity to grow out of poverty and avoiding an early death goes unrecognized by them: they don’t care. Hitching their argument to the unscientific notion that CO2 is a pollutant and is responsible for runaway ‘global warming’ that will kill the Earth (both junk science) they try to frighten us out of our use of energy.

    Surely most of us reject the idea of mis-using our natural resources or abusing our environment (it IS where we live, after all) but the overstated demands of the Green movement need to be seen in the context of the positive aspects of a First World lifestyle (health, enough food, travel, communications… need I go on?) and the natural aspirations of the Second and Third Worlds to have some of this for themselves.

    End of Sermon. Let us pray….

  • Chris Walsh

    My maths isn’t great but isn’t that 11% recycled? That’s more than 10% by a whole 1%!

  • Alejandro Moreno S.

    @Wayne Williams, it sounds like you don’t believe that it’s possible to have sustainable products that do little to no harm to the environment. If this is the case, then you believe that economic development and environmental conservation are mutually exclusive. Is this the case ?

  • Stu

    “My maths isn’t great” correct :)

  • TylerHoj

    Nice graph. Too bad the meat industry has more CO2 emissions than every iPhone, Plane, Train, Car, Truck and Bus in the world, COMBINED! The meat industry is still the highest form of green house gas emissions on the planet. So, I’ll continue using my iPhone, and be happy I’m vegetarian.