Pixel Face Puts The Fun Into Pixelated Pics [iPhone Photography]



There are plenty of photo apps that do pixellation effects, but Pixel Face grabbed my attention because of the way it embraces the whole 8-bit world of pixels.

It’s not just the photos that look colorful and retro, it’s the app itself. The buttons are cheerfully bright, the sounds are like something your games console used to do back in the 1980s.

It supports both cameras on devices that have two, can send photos straight to Facer and Twitbook, and will auto-save to your Camera Roll if you tell it to in the settings. You definitely get your dollar’s worth of fun out of this one.

Some sample pics:

20110408 kindle

… my Kindle sitting on a desk

20110408 me

… me waving hello. Hello!

20110408 bookshelf

… shelf of books.

Tips: tap the screen for different border colors. Pinch on the preview image to change the pixel size. Enjoy!