How to charge the battery on your Vision Pro


Vision Pro battery plugged in, sitting on a pine desk
It’s not a small battery.
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If you get a Vision Pro, you’ll soon need to learn how to charge up that battery. Apple only promises two hours of battery life on its revolutionary headset. Although real-world usage is pushing closer to three, if you want your spatial computing to be untethered, you’ll need to charge the Vision Pro battery often.

Here’s how to do it — along with some tips that will keep you (and your data) safe.

How to charge your Vision Pro battery

1. Save your work if you plan on unplugging it

If you’re working in Vision Pro, make sure you save everything before unplugging the headset’s battery pack. There’s no internal battery, and disconnecting the battery pack will instantly shut down the headset.

Save all your documents and quit all apps. Then take off the headset so you’re not blinded when its screens go dark.

If you want to disconnect the battery from the headset while it’s charging, rotate the battery cable connector 90 degrees counterclockwise and pull it out. Alternatively, you can leave the battery plugged in so you can resume your work while it’s charging.

2. Plug in the Vision Pro battery to its wall charger

Plug the battery into the wall using the included USB-C cable and power adapter. The light on the side will glow a solid or flashing yellow or green. Here’s what those indicators mean when the Vision Pro battery is plugged in to a wall charger:

  • Flashing yellow means the battery is too low to use the Vision Pro.
  • Solid yellow means you can turn the Vision Pro back on while it continues to charge.
  • Solid green means the Vision Pro battery pack is fully charged.

This gets slightly confusing, though, because the indicator light means something else entirely when you unplug the battery from the wall charger.

  • Solid green means the Vision Pro battery is anywhere between 50% and 100%, charged — not necessarily fully charged.
  • Solid yellow means it’s between 1% and 49% charged.
  • Flashing yellow means the Vision Pro battery is too low to power the headset.

3. Turn on the Vision Pro

To turn the Vision Pro back on after being unplugged, insert the battery connector into the left side of the strap. Align the dot on the connector with the hollow circle on the strap. Then rotate it 90 degrees to click it into place.

You should see a light on the battery indicating you successfully plugged in the battery.

After about a minute, the Vision Pro will make a pleasant noise indicating that it’s ready for you to put it on.

4. Battery safety tips

  • It’s normal for a battery to get warm while it’s charging.
  • Don’t put the battery on something hot or suffocate it with blankets and pillows.
  • Don’t sit on the battery in your back pocket.
  • Be mindful of the cable connecting the headset to the battery as you’re walking around or if you’re getting up from an office chair. If possible, wear the cable under a hoodie or jacket.
  • Don’t let the battery fall off a table or desk while it’s plugged into the headset.
  • Don’t let a pet chew through the cable.

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