Apple Vision Pro: In the wild! [Updated]


Two people at a restaurant eating while wearing Vision Pro headsets.
Not a cellphone in sight!
Photo: X

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset is but a day old, but already it’s been spotted in public in several amusing situations.

Here’s what folks have been up to with their new Vision Pros in the wild.

Apple Vision Pro in public

Apple Vision Pro was released to the public Friday, and it’s already the biggest thing that’s ever happened in the world of virtual reality. Analysts estimated it sold a relatively modest 200,000 units out of the gate, but the headset is already popping up everywhere.

People are going to do crazy things with Vision Pro in private, but out in public?

Of course, in the isolation of the headset, Vision Pro users are blissfully unaware of the spectacle.

Here are just a few of the first sightings of Vision Pro out and about.

Vision Pro-ing in the crosswalk

Spotted in San Jose, California, this guy’s resizing virtual windows — right in the middle of the crosswalk. No need to worry about traffic. No one ever gets run over there.

Working out with Vision Pro

Spotted at the gym, this fellow is lifting and hitting the elliptical. But some people are suspicious: He can’t really be working out, or his Vision Pro would steam up.

Vision Pro at the mall

“What? I’m not making this up,” says the person filming this Vision Pro user at the mall, who like the guy in the crosswalk, is occupied with his virtual apps. The filmer sounds as surprised as if they’d seen a streaker. The guy didn’t walk into anyone, though.

Driving while spatial computing

This guy’s not technically driving: his Tesla’s in self-drive mode. No excuse, though: he’s still an idiot, and a danger to others. I’m surprised he had the cojones to make it public. He’s getting a lot of hate. Apple, of course, explicitly warns users not to wear Vision Pro behind the wheel.

Hop in a Cybertruck to take things to the max

Even better? Wearing Vision Pro while driving a Cybertruck! And picking invisible blueberries while behind the wheel!

Walking the creepy robodog

As if walking around in public wearing Vision Pro isn’t dystopian enough, try adding a creepy headless robotic dog to the mix.

Touching togetherness

You can’t beat the caption on this one: “Not a cell phone in sight, just two friends, present in the moment, enjoying a meal together.”

Another Vision Pro at the gym

You can see that this gym bro is really working out, plus you get to see the gym from inside the Vision Pro.

Still, not everyone’s a fan of the Vision Pro workout.

Vision Pro unlocks a Tesla

The headset works with the Tesla app, allowing drivers to unlock their vehicles from inside Vision Pro. At least they’re not driving it (yet).

Crazy Casey Neistat skateboards, rides the subway and orders food

YouTube phenom Casey Neistat took his Vision Pro out of the streets of Noo York City.

Another loony on the NYC subway

Only in New York would subway riders ignore this obviously crazy person typing in midair on an invisible keyboard.

Vision Pro on an airplane

Using Vision Pro to watch movies while flying really does seem like one of the headset’s killer apps. Doesn’t look too weird.

Drones? Clones?

Ideally, when you head outside with your Vision Pro on, you will try to avoid these types of maneuvers.

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