Cool Vision Pro apps, concepts and experiences available on day one


An example of an Apple Vision Pro app.
Ready to get your mind blown? Check out these Vision Pro apps and demos first.
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If you’re gonna spend $3,500 on a face-hugging computer, you’ll want to get your money’s worth of mind-blowing experiences. For that, you’ll need the best Vision Pro apps available on day one.

Here are some of the coolest apps, concepts and use cases we’ve seen so far:

Best Vision Pro apps, concepts and experiences

Tour 3D homes, hotels and resorts

This one’s a mind-bender! The home-buying app Zillow allows Vision Pro users to tour homes in 3D. It’s as though you are actually at the property, instead of sitting on your couch. Clearly, it would be possible to also tour other properties: hotels, resorts, offices, museums and on and on.

Watch Formula 1 in 3D

This Formula 1 demo allows viewers to see where the race cars are on the actual track, while watching the race on a traditional TV feed. It uses a 3D projection of the track that sits right in front of the virtual TV, making it much easier to see the state of the race.

Watch YouTube in Vision Pro with Juno

Netflix and YouTube made headlines by not bringing native apps to Vision Pro. But fear not, Juno is a third-party app that allows you to browse YouTube in the spatial computer.

Bring the weather indoors with Seasons app for Vision Pro

Instead of looking out your window, you can now bring the weather indoors. Just strap on your Vision Pro and the Seasons app will make it rain and thunderstorm in your living room!

Learn to play guitar with Vision Pro

Shred like a guitar hero with this learn-to-play app, which looks a lot more helpful and hands-on than watching instructional YouTube videos. (Actually, it’s just a concept right now, but the developer says the app is in process.)

Learn to play piano with Piano: Flowing Tiles

Likewise, piano-tutoring app Piano: Flowing Tiles looks like a cool way to learn how to tickle the ivories.

Cooking with Vision Pro

Setting a sticky timer over a pot of pasta is the future of cooking

Watching basketball

Get a ton of NBA stats, scores and other games while watching basketball games. It’s PiP on steroids.

Tech Deck in 3D

If 3D tech decking doesn’t justify spending $3,500 on Vision Pro, we don’t know what does.

News Ticker

This Vision Pro app puts a news ticker in your face. Headline catch your eye? Look at it, pinch your fingers, and it opens up in a Safari window.

Try a Tesla before you buy with Vision Pro

This concept app puts you inside a Tesla Cybertruck and launches you into space!


Several early reviewers found Vision Pro great for meditating. That includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, who in an interview with Vanity Fair said it’s the best meditating experience he’s found after practicing for years.


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