Should you use both a MacBook and an iPad? Well, duh. [Setups]


Do you really need both a MacBook and an iPad? Of course you do. Don't ask silly questions.
Do you really need both a MacBook and an iPad? Of course you do. Don't ask silly questions.
Photo: BasicAppleGuy@Reddit

The setup showcased in a recent Reddit post consists of just a MacBook Air, an iPad, an iPhone and some peripherals and accessories, but it brings up a puzzling conundrum: Should you use both a MacBook and an iPad, even though their functionality overlaps to a great extent?

According to most of the comments, the answer is yes — even if it makes you feel like a sucker.

Cloud architect builds man shed to beat all man sheds [Setups]


This man shed sports multiple screens.
This man shed sports multiple screens.
Photo: CourseEcstatic6202@Reddit

Sometimes a setup promoted on social media stops you dead in your tracks, and it’s not because you’re excited about the hardware. Sometimes it’s the amazing, hand-built “man shed” where the setup lives that stuns you.

Such is the case with CourseEcstatic6202’s offering on Reddit. The cloud architect — let’s just call him “CE” — works in Amazon Web Services on California’s central coast. He designed and built a beautiful little house for his MacBook Pro-based setup in his back yard.

‘Magic’ peripherals and M1 Mac mini take dual curved screens to the max [Setups]


Dual curved displays and Apple keyboard, trackpad and mouse make the setup for Russ Hicks.
Dual curved displays and magic Apple peripherals make this setup sing.
Photo: Russ Hicks

With the recent arrival of a dual-monitor stand, Oxford, England-based Russ Hicks completed an overhaul of the setup that powers the one-man business he has run for 25 years: Genesis Marketing Services.

He specializes in printing equipment suppliers and packaging services. And his business now runs on a Mac mini M1 and dual curved screens.

Multiple sclerosis has made Hicks’ work more challenging recently, but Apple products have helped him deal with it.

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Don't wait for them to sell out!
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Apple’s newest MacBook Air is $49 more affordable if you buy yours on Amazon right now. Or you can save even more by opting for a renewed previous-generation MacBook Air, which is now available for less than $850.

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It took 3 years to build this awesome setup [Setups]


The ultrawide curved monitor is in a class of its own
The ultrawide curved monitor is eye-popping.
Photo: Carlos Azaustre

An ultrawide curved monitor takes any setup to the next level, and Cesar Azaustre’s MacBook-powered rig is no exception. It took a three-year span for the Spanish front-end engineer to assemble this setup — and it does not disappoint.

To control things on his massive $800 screen, he uses the Apple Magic Keyboard and the Logitech MX Anywhere wireless mouse. For Zoom meetings, he leans on a Logitech Pro Stream Camera and a Røde microphone, both top-of-the-line products.

Gear up for the new work-from-home normal with these must-haves [Deals]


WFH Accessories
We've rounded up some of the best gear and accessories to help make the most from working from home.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Working from home? Welcome to the new normal. Even under the best circumstances, transitions can be difficult, and a lot of it comes down to good habits. But it can also come down to having the right tools. That’s why we rounded up timely deals on some of the best gear for working from home.

Get ready to save on second computer screens, monitor stands, Mac accessories and more. There’s even a hot deal on a refurbished Magic Mouse 2!

Save on Magic Mouse and Keyboard by getting Apple refurbs [Deals]


Cert Refurb Apple Accessories Main
Get good-as-new Apple gear at a deep discount.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When it comes to Apple computers, the best accessories are also made by Cupertino. But that means they carry Apple prices, so if you want to get the awesome Magic Mouse or Magic Keyboard — but don’t want to make a mortgage payment to do it — refurbs are the way to go. These certified Apple accessories work just like new; they just cost less.