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3 Pro Display XDRs but only 1 highly recommended mount [Setups]


The user heartily recommends just one of the three mounts used for the Pro Display XDRs.
The user heartily recommends just one of the three mounts used for the Pro Display XDRs.

Some of the computer setups on social media with the biggest “wow” factor are Mac Pro-based. And some boast not one but multiple Pro Display XDRs, Apple’s unattainably high-priced top monitor.  But some “wow” setup have both a Mac Pro and multiple Pro Display XDRs, like today’s featured rig.

And discussion prompted by the setup covers a key issue to consider when you’ve got a big, heavy, gorgeous, super-expensive display. What’s the most solid, safe and wiggle-free mount to use with it?

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Mac Pro setup boasts 3 Pro Display XDRs but only 1 highly recommended mount

Redditor and person-in-the-middle-of-a-big-move elliottcable showcased the tremendous-but-temporary setup in a post truthfully entitled, “I’d say ‘endgame,’ except it never really is, is it?”

Several commenters marveled at the setup’s “cheese grater” Mac Pro and three Pro Display XDRs. That’s Apple’s high-end, 6K resolution, $5,000-and-up monitor for seekers of graphical nirvana. And you thought Studio Display made your wallet nervous.

Any social media poster flaunting more than one Pro Display XDR stands accused of possessing great wealth by commenters, pretty much.

Elliott runs the center display in portrait mode on a swivel. It’s the one directly connected to his Mac Pro. He also runs a desktop PC and uses a switch to use another display with both machines.

Mac Pro specs:

  • Xeon W (12-core, 3.3GHz base, 4.4GHz boost)
  • W6800X Duo 32GB

PC specs (he sells these “Galactic North” components):

  • Core i9-13900KS (24-core 3.2GHz base, 5.4GHz boost)
  • RTX 4070 Ti 12GB

Which monitor arm/mount is best?

“The monitor stands, do they shake when you type or or change height of your table?” a commenter asked.

“The janky AmazonBasics does; the Ergotron does (but only slightly); the MonitorsInMotion (MIM) is solid as an absolute rock. Fantastic piece of kit,” Elliott replied.

The AmazonBasics arm mounts Elliott’s laptop. The Ergotron arm is on the right-hand display. And the MonitorsInMotion system holds the center and left-hand displays.

Elliott clarified that the AmazonBasics mount works fine for mounting his laptop, but he doesn’t like them with displays, which are obviously bigger and heavier.

MIM system ‘could take a nuclear blast’

When further questioned about his display-mount arms, Elliott added this about the MIM mounting system: “Would recommend, have been a customers of theirs for more than a decade. Could take a nuclear blast and not vibrate a millimeter.”

And he had the following to say about the Ergotron arm versus the MIM system:

[Ergotron is] definitely shaky. [To be honest] it’s not just a build-quality/price thing, it’s a physics thing — the MIM “Boa” only adjust in two dimensions by fingertip, not three like most pneumatic/spring monitor-arms do. The Boa moves in a fixed horizontal plane … but the heavy-ass block of solid, milled aluminum definitely contributes to the solidity as well.

Ergonomically correct input devices

And don’t miss Elliott’s unusual input devices. We don’t see the vertical Logitech MX Ergo wireless trackball mouse very often. And the Glove80 split wireless mechanical keyboard is a rare thing of ergonomically correct beauty, indeed. 

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Cable management:

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Apple Pro Display XDR

The 32-inch Retina 6K display comes with standard or Nano Texture glass.

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