Set alarms and charge your Apple devices with this $50 6-in-1 dock

Set alarms and charge your Apple devices with this $50 6-in-1 dock


Forget about juggling low batteries by picking up this versatile charging option.
Keep your Apple devices powered up with this 6-in-1 wireless charge stand.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Mobile devices have become as commonplace as wallets and car keys, and we’ve come to count on them for everything from listening to music to gaming. While all this access at our fingertips is fantastic, it comes with the caveat: You have to keep your gadgets charged to enjoy them.

This Six-in-One Wireless Charger Stand can keep them juiced up, and it currently costs just $49.99.

Power your Apple devices at home or on the go

This six-in-one stand features Qi wireless charging, eliminating the need for separate cables per device and tangled messes. And if you drained your Apple Watch battery over the course of the day, you’ll also find a dedicated charging puck to hold it in place as it recharges. That same sentiment applies to iPhones and AirPods; as soon as you wake up, you can rest assured your devices are as charged up as you are.

The stand comes equipped with a strong, MagSafe-compatible magnet, which holds your iPhone securely and allows you to rotate it to either portrait or landscape mode. You can stream content as you juice up your phone hands-free!

Additionally, your charging ports and docks are consolidated in a single, stylish nightstand piece, so you can leave them beside your bed when unwinding and grab them as soon as the day starts. An LCD clock displays the date and time while offering alarm settings. The dock also has a slim folding design, so you won’t need to make much space when placing it on your desk. You could even slip it in your luggage when traveling.

Save on this Six-in-One Wireless Charger Stand

This Six-in-One Wireless Charger Stand can support MagSafe-compatible iPhones, Apple Watches, AirPods and multiple USB-compatible devices, ensuring you’ll wake up with them charged and ready to go for only $49.99.

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