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Aqara offers a third, more-advanced smart lock for HomeKit and Home Key


The Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee works with HomeKit and Home Key.
The Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee works with HomeKit and Home Key.
Photo: Aqara

Aquara launched its third and most-advanced smart lock for HomeKit and Home Key on Thursday, the D100 Zigbee.

Unlike the previously released N100 Zigbee and A100 Zigbee, which are handle locks, the new D100 is an automatic mortise lock that lets users open a door without pushing a handle or turning a knob.

It’s expected to roll out in more countries soon, but for now you can get it in parts of Asia and the Middle East. You can find more information about its distribution below.

New Aqara D100 Zigbee smart lock

In addition to working with HomeKit and Home Key, the new Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee mortise-style lock works with voice assistants like Siri.

Compared to the previous two models, the D100 Zigbee lock works with a wider range of doors. It fits those with a thickness between 40mm to 120mm, Aqara said.

It also features a more sustainable, lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack than its predecessors. You can recharge the detachable, 2480mAh battery pack  via the USB-C port. You get 12 months of battery life between each charge.

The lock supports a low-battery alarm. And even if the battery runs out, the lock can also be charged from outside via a USB-C power bank.

And like other Aqara locks, it comes with mechanical keys that let users open the lock even when the electronics fail.

Fingerprint scanner, HomeKit and Home Key support

The D100 Zigbee features a 3D fingerprint scanner with liveness detection. The scanner has a sapphire coating to ensure durability.

The lock comes with an invisible keypad. It allows permanent, one-time and periodic passwords (6-10 digits). They help users manage home access for family members and visitors. You can remotely created and manage one-time and periodic passwords. That comes in handy for rental homes. NFC cards come with the lock, too.

Moreover, the D100 Zigbee works with HomeKit and supports the Home Key feature in Apple Wallet. That allows users to simply tag their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock. It also supports voice control through Siri and Google Assistant, so users can check with their favorite assistant to know if the door is locked, or ask the assistant to unlock it.

Security features include:

  • The three-bolt lock body and secured cylinder make the lock resistant to break-in attempts.
  • The controlling and security chips are in the inner lock panel, so they are protected even when the outer panel is compromised.
  • A mechanical knob lets you lock and unlock from inside for improved security and emergency exit.
  • The tamper alert is both local and remote. A built-in speaker will sound an alarm while a mobile notification goes to users when tampering is detected.
  • Auto-lock after the door is closed, and the door-left-open alert will be triggered if the door is open for over 10 seconds.
  • A child-lock switch above the unlock button prevents children from opening the door accidentally.
  • Authentication freezes for 3 minutes after 5 authentication failures and an abnormal-attempt alert goes to users.
  • Random digits can be added before and after the password to protect it from peeping and smudge attack.
  • All remote unlock keys, including remotely generated passwords, have end-to-end encryption. The encryption key is stored in the lock and the paired user mobile device locally.

Bluetooth and Zigbee hub support

The D100 integrates with Bluetooth 5.0 and Zigbee 3.0. While Bluetooth support enables direct connection with mobile devices and Apple’s home hubs, the Zigbee integration sets the D100 Zigbee apart.

When connected to a Zigbee 3.0 Aqara hub, the lock not only supports remote unlock via the Aqara Home app, but also links with other Aqara accessories to enable home automations.

For example, with a press of the lock’s Away button on the keypad, users can arm Aqara Home’s Alert System where the security camera and the sensors become activated, and turn off the lights, ACs and other home appliances.

Aquara now sells the D100 Zigbee in Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), with expansion planned in the following months to other countries and regions, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and other places.

Get more information about the Smart Lock D100 Zigbee at Aqara’s website.