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Simple Mac mini workstation packs more than meets the eye [Setups]


This computer setup simply has more in it than there appears.
This computer setup simply has more in it than there appears.

At a glance, today’s featured computer setup appears simpler than it really is. It showcases a Mac mini, a pair of mounted monitors and some typical-looking input devices. A row of water bottles stands to the right because the owner, who lives in India, is big on hydration as summer hits the subcontinent.

But there’s more to the setup than meets the eye. And some of it escapes the camera’s lens.

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M1 Mac mini setup with dual monitors not as simple as it seems

Redditor curious_being512 (Curi) showed off the basic-looking setup in a post simply entitled, “Mac mini setup.” Sure enough, a base M1 Mac mini sits unassumingly off to the right, quietly driving a pair of monitors.

The two displays float on a Lumi JIN hydraulic gas spring dual monitor mount. It keeps them off the desk and makes the two screens nice and adjustable. A commenter asked why not keep the horizontal screen in the middle and the vertical one on the right touching it.

“I keep moving them around for leisure versus work,” Curi said. “For work I use the setup [you] mentioned, for leisure I like my 4K panel to be separated and closer to the chair.”

The display in landscape mode is a 27-inch LG 4K IPS monitor with an 18-inch monitor light on top. The one in portrait mode is a 24-inch Samsung 1080p FHD monitor.

Familiar mouse, unfamiliar keyboard

We see the Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse as or more often than we see any other mouse. But Curi’s mechanical keyboard is another matter.

G.Skill mechanical gaming keyboards fly somewhat under the radar. They’re affordable, with many in the $50 range. And they have some interesting features, like key mapping and detachable, foldable wrist rests.

Belkin and APC power accessories

In front of the screens, you can see the popular Belkin 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger. Boasting Apple’s official MagSafe technology, the device offers fast wireless charging of up to 15-watts for iPhone 12 and13 series. And it also tops off an Apple Watch and an AirPods case at the same time.

Curi must like Belkin, as they also mention a Belkin power strip and surge protector (not pictured).

Semi-hidden on the right under a water bottle and Nivea lotion is hardware that may be crucial depending upon the strength of infrastructure where Curi lives in India. It’s an APC 600WH UPS battery backup system. That uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, keeps the gear running even when the power goes out.

And for reliable internet, Curi runs a TP-Link Deco M4 Wi-Fi System. You can see one of the routers on the desk to the left.

The Redragon RGB LED desk mat / mouse pad is pretty cool, too. It lights up around the edges.

Bose sound, warm light

Curi probably rocks AirPods that take their charge on that Belkin 3-in-1 MagSafe charger. But for quality in-room sound, they have Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers. The auxiliary input brings Bose performance to a secondary audio source, like Curi’s iPhone or iPad.

Curi also manages to raise a pleasingly warm light behind the desk. For that, they use an inexpensive LED light strip.

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