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Got pets? Try protecting your peripherals this way. [Setups]


This is the desktop in unprotected mode. Down, Fluffy!
This is the desktop in unprotected mode. Down, Fluffy!

Anyone with a curious cat knows the desktop can be one of their favorite spots. Sometimes it’s like they’re trying to ensure you can’t work, as they sit or stretch out right on top of the keyboard or in front of the screen. And that’s just when you’re sitting there. Who knows what they do when you’re away. Other than dreaming up other ways to hasten your unemployment.

Lucky for you, today’s featured computer setup shows a simple method for protecting peripherals like input devices — keyboard, mouse, perhaps a trackpad — from pushy pets. And if you’ve got canines, take heart. It also works for dog slobber.

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Protecting your peripherals

Redditor rjk2027 (RJK) alerted us to the method in a post titled, “My setup, I think I’m done!”

The newly finished setup in question runs off a MacBook Pro using a 27-inch Samsung 1080p display as an external monitor. A Quntis monitor light bar sits on top of the display, casting light down on today’s subject.

“Why the translucent case over the keyboard and mouse?” asked a commenter.

“Cause I have a 7 month old kitten that loves to jump on my desk, and it also keeps it clean when I’m not using it,” replied RJK.

“That’s a great idea with my 7 month old rottweiler,” added another Redditor, either jokingly or hopefully. After all, it could work as a slobber guard.

This photo shows the mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse safely under transparent acrylic.
This photo shows the mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse safely under dust- and dander-combatting acrylic.

MagiDeal Transparent Acrylic Guard

The simplicity of RJK’s solution, a MagiDeal Transparent Acrylic Guard, is genius. It’s just an inexpensive acrylic cover billed as a dust cover. You plop the transparent casing down right over items on your desktop — items like a nice mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse full of nooks and crannies you’d rather not have loaded with dust. Or pet dander. Or saliva.

In RJK’s case, the input devices worthy of protecting are a Keychron K8 tenkeyless mechanical keyboard and a Glorious Model D wired gaming mouse. The mouse has a cool-looking grilled casing full of holes that look ready-made for optimal pet interference from hair and dander.

And for that matter, if the mouse is under the cover, the kitten (or the rottweiler) can’t knock it off the desk so easily.

“I got it off Amazon, but it’s a little pricey, you can also find them off Aliexpress,” RJK said of the guard. “The one I have above is actually for a full size keyboard I was using before, but since I switch to the TKL now, I didn’t feel like buying another one just for it. So the full size will fit TKL or smaller boards along with a mouse.”

The MagiDeal version lists for about $33 on Amazon. But we saw another one for $25. Cheaper versions may lurk out there somewhere. For the guard and the rest of the gear in TKL’s setup, see the links list below.

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