Get your own Lambo from MrBeast (you just don't know what size)

Get your own Lambo from MrBeast (you just don’t know what size)


MrBeast + MSCHF gives you the chance to win a Lambo.
You could get a Lambo for the holidays (through MrBeast).
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The holidays are officially upon us, so you’re probably scrambling online (or worse, looking for mall parking) trying to find the perfect present for someone. Thankfully, there’s this MrBeast + Mschf Everyone Gets a Car giveaway, where you’ll definitely get an ultra-cool collectible 1/64-scale toy Lambo — and even possibly win the real-life, full-size version for adults.

Which means you not only have the perfect gift for the car lover in your life, but potentially a brand-new ride for the new year. (Because you still need to treat yourself for the holidays, right?)

MrBeast + Mschf = Lambo

If you haven’t heard of MrBeast, just head on over to YouTube and you’ll see his content soon enough. He’s known for his attention-grabbing, extravagant challenges and wild generosity (giving away millions of dollars to people on the street in everyday scenarios).

He has just about 75 million subscribers on YouTube and works with some pretty impressive partners — including Mschf, a hip new street art collective that compares itself to brands like Supreme and artists like Andy Warhol and Banksy. Its products and experiences are at the intersection of hypebeast street culture, luxury, art and fashion. And together, this power duo combined to deliver the Everyone Gets a Car giveaway.

Everyone who purchases something during the giveaway will receive a 1/64-scale toy Lambo, perfect for perching on a desk or nightstand table. There’s also the opportunity to win a 1/24-scale remote-control Lambo to zip around in your backyard or house. And even a battery-powered, kid-size Lambo for a lucky niece or nephew.

For the adults, you could even win a pre-owned $100,000-plus Lamborghini Gallardo or a pre-owned $250,000-plus Lamborghini Aventador Coupe. You just won’t know what you’re receiving until it arrives in the mail (or in the driveway).

Save on the MrBeast + Mschf Everyone Gets a Car giveaway

Enter this MrBeast + Mschf Everyone Gets a Car giveaway in three different options:

  • Get the one-pack for $35.
  • Get the three-pack for $99 (regularly $105).
  • Get the five-pack for $158 (regularly $175).

Prices subject to change.