Play 400 retro games on this portable console, on sale for less than half-price


Grab this awesome handheld retro 8-bit game console.
Grab this portable retro games console with more than 400 games.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Remember when tech was … simpler? No matter how far technology advances, you just can’t beat the fun of 8-bit video games. That’s why we were excited to discover this Handheld 3-inch LCD Video Game Console with 400 built-in games. And for a limited time, this retro gaming device is on sale for just $24.99 — more than half off the regular price of $59.

A fun retro gaming console

This great console lets you play up to 400 of your favorite arcade classics, all stored on the console itself. You’ll never run out of fun 8-bit games to play, wherever you are.

With its 3-inch LCD screen, this super-portable handheld console is all you need to play retro games on the go. It’ll last through even the longest of journeys, too. Its impressive rechargeable battery allows up to eight hours of play time.

Plus, you can double the fun with the second player control included with the console. Simply connect the external controller via a micro USB cable and play two player co-op and versus modes with a friend from anywhere. It’s a joy to control, whether you’re playing solo or together, thanks to responsive buttons and no-lag gameplay.

Of course, when you’re not on the go, this great little console also makes a great addition to your family room. Just use the included AV cable to connect the console to your TV. Then you’ll be able to play your favorite retro games on the big screen, too. It’s as simple as plug-and-play.

Get this handheld video game console for just $24.99

Play your favorite retro games anywhere with this Handheld 3-inch LCD Video Game Console with 400 built-in games, on sale with 58% off right now for just $24.99 (regular price $59).

 Prices subject to change.