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This slim wireless charger attaches to your iPhone via magnets


This wireless power bank is magnetic.
You'll barely notice this subtle wireless power bank that connects to your iPhone.
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Power banks don’t have to be clunky and annoying, and they certainly don’t have to be wired. The HyperGear 5000mAh Magnetic Power Bank is a universal power bank that will wirelessly charge Apple and Android devices, and it’s on sale for less than $35.

An inexpensive magnetic power bank

If you’re on your phone a lot, you’re going to want a power bank that you don’t have to stop to use. The Hypergear 5000mAh is fully wireless, and magnetically attaches to your phone. And this tiny, powerful battery weighs in at just 0.3 ounces. (For reference, the average iPhone is 23 times heavier, clocking in at 7 ounces.)

Plus, it even comes with a ring on the back, so you won’t even need to change how you use your phone if you’re used to having a PopSocket or handle on it at all times.

The output on the HyperGear 5,000 is 15W, which is about 5W more powerful than most chargers that claim to be fast. It detects the type of phone it is attached to, and adjusts its output accordingly, to keep from overcharging or short-circuiting the device. And when you’re charging the battery itself, it rockets back to full power.

This little charger is MagSafe-compatible and will perfectly align every time you use it. It’s slim enough to fit in your pocket, yet strong enough to keep your phone going all through the day. You don’t need to program anything or worry about your phone frying from an overcharge. Combine this charger with something like the RoboKiller app that blocks all those annoying spam calls, and suddenly your phone is yours again.

Save on HyperGear 5000mAh Magnetic Power Bank

You don’t have to worry about your phone dying just because you have to use it. You can get the HyperGear 5000mAh Magnetic Power Bank on sale for $34.99.

Prices subject to change.