For $50, you can learn 2 languages and get some awesome earbuds


Learn a language and listen to some tunes.
With this bundle, you can immerse yourself in a new language (or two) for maximum learning.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you want to learn a language and listen to quality instruction with equally high-quality audio, then the Lifetime Language Learning Bundle is the place to start. On sale for $50, this bundle gives you the chance to learn two new languages using uTalk, and it comes with some great wireless earbuds from xFyro.

Learn a language with uTalk

Language takes time to learn, and we learn best when we can be constantly exposed to the languages. This bundle gives you the in-depth educational content to form the foundation for your knowledge. It also gives you the perfect tool to make your immersion as seamless as possible if you’re not constantly surrounded by other speakers of the language you’re learning: wireless earbuds.

With uTalk, you can choose two languages from more than 140 options that represent tons of potential for travel, conversation and personal connections. You’ll be joining 30 million in learning at your own pace. Choose from more than 60 different learning topics, covering 180 hours of instruction.

The app is flawlessly localized, so you can start from any language and learn any other. Just pick up uTalk on any device and start learning where you left off. Track your progress as you learn, play a few games, and watch as you get closer to fluency every day you practice.

Immerse yourself in language with xFyro wireless earbuds

Immersion is a key part of language learning. It gets your brain used to hearing and thinking in another language, and it keeps you in a constant state of interpreting and translating. It’s like a bootcamp for your brain. That’s why these wireless earbuds from xFyro are the perfect companion for any language learning.

With them, you won’t be tied to a device by any wire, so you can just relax, listen and go about your day. Practice your Spanish or listen to some Nena and refine your German.

xFyro’s AI-powered noise cancellation allows you to get lost in the sound. Plus, the ergonomic fit is comfortable. And the IPX5 water resistance ensures you don’t have to break the immersion if you’re working out.

Save on the Lifetime Language Learning Bundle

Individually, the xFyro earbuds and lifetime subscription to uTalk would set you back $334. Right now, you can get them both with the Lifetime Language Learning Bundle for just $49.99.

Prices subject to change.