When you need something to dwarf your 24-inch iMac display [Setups]


iMac and MacBook Pro, check. Massive display, check. Le Creuset mug, check.
iMac and MacBook Pro, check. Massive display, check. Le Creuset mug, check.
Photo: Doyniish@Reddit.com

Redditor Doyniish runs a Mission Control-looking workstation, thanks a gargantuan monitor in between a substantial 24-inch iMac display on the left and a MacBook Pro on a stand to the right. In the shot, they’re all festooned with open windows, making it look like all the work in the world is in progress at that particular desk.

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And Redditors love that.

“Finally, a setup that doesn’t look like some cheesy magazine showcase and actually looks used and productive!” said one. Well, just to be clear, they’re not all staged. Real setups happen all the time.

A busy workstation with a tiny-looking 24-inch iMac display

Doyniish’s setup post, entitled “Workspace – Mid workday,” features a gargantuan monitor at its center that dwarfs the 24-inch iMac display next to it.

The beast is a 43-inch LG 43UN700-B 4K IPS UHD Monitor. It’s capable of 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and has HDR10 support. It sports four HDMI inputs and two 10W speakers.

“I love it, image is great,” Doyniish said in reply to a comment. “I gave my 38-inch ultra wide to my wife, I prefer the aspect ratio of the 43-inch for my work.”

The big screen can also do a four-screen split with picture-in-picture, though it sounds like Doyniish doesn’t use it in that way.

No particular screen management

Other Redditors asked how he manages all that screen space, noting how they’ve tried apps for corralling window mayhem like Moom and Keyboard Maestro. But Doyniish said he doesn’t bother.

“I currently have no third-party tools for window management,” he said. “I’m old school and have everything scattered around lol, I will look into a manager though for grid snapping.” (Snap-to-grid is a computer function that organizes files or images automatically along invisible grid lines).

Even so, Doyniish does connect both of his computers to the big screen. He sets it up with the  iMac via HDMI and the MacBook Pro via USB-C. Though he mostly uses the large monitor for work with his MBP, he an easily switch it to HDMI for iMac when needed.

For a monitor arm, Doyniish uses an Amazon Basics dual monitor arm.

A few last details: Universal Control, trackpad vs. mouse

Considering all that screen real estate, one Redditor guessed Doyniish must be “pretty excited for Universal Control.” Universal Control is soon-to-be-released  Apple functionality that will let users jump between devices’ screens using the same mouse and keyboard.

“Totally,” Doyniish replied. “Hunching over to type on my iMac is getting old! My back will be happy.”

Another onlooker made a curious comment about what they considered to be the right way to place a Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse.

“Ah, fellow mouse to the right, trackpad to the left user! This is the way!”

Who knew? We’re still learning about the reasons so many users prefer to have both a Magic Trackpad and a Magic Mouse, with the trackpad being especially useful for gestures and the mouse being exceptionally good at straight navigation.

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