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Should you put a keyboard cover on a MacBook Pro? [Setups]


Note the cool-looking keyboard cover on the MaBook pro at left.
Note the cool-looking keyboard cover on the MaBook pro at left.

When a computer setup is as clean and spare as Redditor whatsyourname’s, the eye tends to go to the most unusual item. In this case, it’s probably the colorful keyboard cover on the MacBook Pro, making it look like some other model of laptop.

And, of course, what did commenters most want to talk about in the setup? That thing. Naturally, a little bit of a debate ensued. Should you use a keyboard cover on a MacBook at all?

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What’s in the setup?

Whatsyourname’s setup consists of a 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2018 sitting on a stand, stage left, with a silicone Mosiso Keyboard Cover protecting the keys from spills and such.

The laptop uses a 38-inch LG UltraWide display as a secondary monitor. That display drew some special praise from one commenter who linked to their video review of it.

An 11-inch iPad Pro rests just under the keyboard, too. Whatsyourname said they usually just use it for note-taking and it’s in that position in the setup mainly just for the photo.

The main peripherals handling most inputs are a Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse and a Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Mechanical Keyboard. That particular keyboard seems hard to find on Amazon compared to some other popular Keychrons.

In the audio department, a pair of Airpods Pro sit in their white charging case to the left of the keyboard. Not pictured: a set of Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Is it cool to use a keyboard cover on a MacBook?

A fair number of comments simply praised the cool, clean, spare look of the setup. That’s a major selling point of good setups. But some people expressed opinions about the one thing that most draws the eye in it: the keyboard cover on the laptop.

It came up in the first place because a commenter admired it and wanted to know how to get it.

Whatsyourname replied with a link to the Mosiso cover on Amazon (see below) and said they cut off the function keys because they have a Touch Bar. The other person promptly reported they bought the cover.

But then this:

“Just a note, don’t put keyboard covers on macbook’s, as it just delaminates the display more,” wrote another person, referring to the protective layer over the laptop’s screen possibly starting to peel off.

Sure, as long as you don’t close the laptop

“Mine always sits open on my desk. I rarely, if ever, close the lid,” came a reply from another onlooker who uses a cover. “It’s more to protect against spills and dust. Good info though, I didn’t know that.”

Similarly, whatsyourname replied, “My MacBook hasn’t moved from the above position since the start of the pandemic …”

Both replies suggest the diagnosed problem would happen from closing the laptop with the cover on the keys coming in contact with the screen. It wouldn’t be a problem if you pretty much always have the MacBook open on it stand, or if you remove the cover before closing it.

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