Targus' biodegradable EcoSmart iPad cases won't clog your local landfill

Targus’ new biodegradable iPad cases won’t clog your local landfill


The Targus VersaVu EcoSmart Slim Case for iPad is biodegradable.
The Targus VersaVu EcoSmart Slim Case for iPad is biodegradable.
Photo: Targus

Targus recently launched a trio of EcoSmart cases for iPad made from recycled post-consumer plastic and up to 40% biodegradable materials — with no compromise on protection, the company said. The cases showed up on Amazon in mid-to-late June.

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Targus makes the new EcoSmart tablet cases from a variety of sustainable materials. Because the company constructs the base trays with degradable materials, they decompose rather than sitting indefinitely in a landfill. Covers and linings come from recycled plastic, such as water bottles.

And the packaging for all EcoSmart products is 100% recycled, the company said, and made in part from hemp rope and recycled sealing tape.

All three cases feature trays that flex to fit 10.2-inch iPad (8th/7th gen.), 10.5-inch  iPad Air and 10.5-inch iPad Pro. They all pass “military grade 4-foot drop” tests. And they all integrate a sleep/wake function to save battery power.

VersaVu EcoSmart Slim Case for iPad

The VersaVu is Targus’ signature tablet case. It features a patented 360-degree rotation for seamless switching between portrait and landscape use. It allows you to show what’s on the screen via a simple rotation, with no need to touch the tablet’s interface. Right now, the VersaVu costs $86.42 on Amazon.

Where to buy: Amazon

Pro-Tek EcoSmart Case for iPad

The Pro-Tek EcoSmart case’s flexible tray features reinforced corner bumpers offering good impact protection. Precise cut-outs allow full access to controls, ports and the camera lens, so you can use all of your tablet’s features without removing it from the case. The Pro-Tek currently will set you back $88.56 on Amazon.

Where to buy: Amazon

Click-In EcoSmart Tablet Case for iPad

The Click-In case features a custom-molded tray to secure the tablet, with easy access to controls, ports and camera. Sound scoops direct music and other audio towards the user. A non-slip lining helps hold the device at the right viewing angle. A version of it fits the 10.4-inch Samsung Tab A7. The Click-in goes for $73.82 on Amazon as of now.

Where to buy: Amazon