Binge watch documentaries weekly with lifetime access to CuriosityStream

Binge-watch new documentaries weekly with lifetime access to CuriosityStream


This streaming service serves up thousands of the world's best documentaries.
Photo: CuriosityStream

Even with all the different streaming options available these days, it’s still easy to get bored with the choices available. Haven’t we all scrolled endlessly through Apple TV+, Netflix or HBO Max, only to never decide on what to watch? Sometimes there is such a thing as having too many options. And with all the mysteries, dramas, rom-coms and more, it can prove overwhelming at the end of the day.

So why not switch up your binge-watching sessions with content that’s both fun and informative? This lifetime subscription to CuriosityStream focuses on delivering thousands of the best documentaries in the world to you — including award-winning exclusives and originals.

Why we love documentaries

Sometimes the truth is stranger (and more interesting) than fiction. And with a 4.7/5 star rating on the App Store, this service delivers immersive experiences that cover everything from nature and physics to space and time. CuriosityStream delivers documentaries featuring some of the most iconic voices around, including David Attenborough, Michio Kaku and Brian Greene.

Millions of subscribers already enjoy this streaming documentary service. If you join them, you can experience unlimited access to some of the best documentary programming around. Plus, you can download the shows to watch later on your TV, laptop or tablet. Since you’re not bound to an internet connection, it’s the perfect way to learn something new during your commute or travel.

CuriosityStream adds new content weekly, so you can watch fresh documentaries in HD or 4K on multiple devices. You can browse titles with various search tools to help you find your favorite subjects easily, whether that’s nature, history or science. And as you rate your favorite shows, you’ll get custom recommendations for related content. That means you’ll never run out of new, tailored content to binge.

Save on CuriosityStream HD

Get this CuriosityStream HD Plan: Lifetime Subscription for $199 (regularly $250), a savings of 20%.

Prices subject to change.