Meet all your smartwatch needs with this incredible, low-priced watch

Meet all your smartwatch needs with this incredible, low-priced watch


This fitness-oriented smartwatch packs 15-high tech functions.
Photo: Ineedmeone

These days, a high-end timepiece is more a fashion statement than anything else. The fact that a traditional watch only tells time doesn’t seem as impressive when stacked up against smartwatches, which can monitor health, set reminders and connect you to the world with calls and messages.

There are plenty of Apple Watch alternatives that look like but cost less than Cupertino’s killer wearable. If you want an affordable device dedicated to health monitoring, look no further than this 1.3-inch color screen smartwatch from Ineedmeone. For a limited time, this functional, fashionable take on the smartwatch costs only $36.95.

Available in a variety of colors, including blackgray and pink, this smartwatch packs 15 high-tech features into a sleek yet affordable package. It monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, daily steps and calories, giving you all the data you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

The fact that it’s waterproof only solidifies the fact that this smartwatch is the perfect companion for outdoor exercise and aquatic recreational sports. And if the small size is a concern, don’t worry: Its crystal clear 240×240 resolution allows you to clearly see the functions and images in your tracker.

Of course, this smartwatch isn’t just a health coach. You can still connect your watch to your smartphone to control your music and calls, set alarms, and display the time, date and week.

Save on an Apple Watch alternative

Whether you own a traditional wristwatch or not, this sporty smartwatch from Ineedmeone is a personal assistant that can streamline your busy life of exercise, activity and notifications. Grab this smartwatch for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone else while this incredible 37% discount lasts.

Prices subject to change.