Check Out Mobile Safari’s Augmented Reality Capabilities Under iOS 4.2



Considering the depths that Apple fans will plump into a new version of iOS even before it’s released — let alone a month later — we’re amazed to hear that developers are still stumbling upon new features of iOS 4.2… especially when those features are as buzzworthy as augmented reality. Yet that’s just what Occipital has discovered lurking in the firmware of Apple’s latest iteration of its popular mobile operating system.

The discovery was made after Occipital developed a new panoramaic photo app for the iPhone. During their development process, they discovered a new feature which shows how the gyroscope built into the iPhone 4 and latest iPod Touch can be used within Mobile Safari to supply some augmented reality goodness.

Here. If you’re in Mobile Safari in one of Apple’s gyroscope-boasting handsets, just click this link to try it. Pretty neat. I wonder what other secrets iOS 4.2 is just waiting to give up?

[via BGR]

  • chrisbrookfield

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  • Katie Thomas

    Glad this can work with my iPhone, but is there also a version for Android sim free mobile phones?