Instantly add smart lighting controls to your home at 33% off


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Simply place Switchmate over your existing light switches for voice-controlled smart lighting.
Photo: Switchmate

People say smart homes are the future, and it becomes more and more true each year. In 2019, an estimated 27% of the U.S. population owned a smart home device, but that’s only the beginning for this growing trend. According to research, U.S. smart home sales are projected to reach “more than $47 billion by 2024, which would be approximately three times as much as the revenues in 2017.”

Make your current light switches smart

If you are looking to take part in the increasing smart home trend without spending a fortune or remodeling your entire home, it is possible. You can actually turn your current manual light switches into smart ones with a single click. With Switchmate 2.0, you can install a smart switch for toggle-style light switches and make them “smarter” in seconds, all for the limited-time price of $19.99.

The first of its kind, Switchmate is the world’s first smart light switch that instantly places over your existing light switches. It quickly brings voice-controlled smart lighting into your home without you needing to replace or rewire a light switch or light bulb.

A fantastic luxury for the home, Switchmate attaches magnetically to the screws in your wall plates, meaning no tools and instant use. In a matter of seconds, your Switchmate is set up and ready to go, responding to voice commands, turning on lights automatically when you come home, and utilizing different timers for total smart lighting control.

After you download the free companion Switchmate app, you can even control your new smart lights directly from your phone or Google Assistant. True to its smart name, Switchmate can be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

With rave reviews from Wired, PCMag and CNET, Switchmate is beloved by tech-lovers everywhere for making smart lighting simpler than ever before. “That’s what Switchmate is: a ridiculous, yet surprisingly compelling way to put some basic automation into your lighting without having to actually rewire anything,” wrote Wired in a rave review. PCMag agreed adding, “It’s easy to install, and an inexpensive way to give you a taste of connected lighting without investing in actual smart light bulbs.”

Save on Switchmate smart light controls

Whether you’re renting or simply don’t want to renovate your home lights all at once, Switchmate is designed for ultimate convenience and ease of use. Bring Switchmate lighting into your home or new apartment while it’s 33% off at just $19.99.

Prices subject to change.