Cases and keyboards for 2021 iPad Pro are ready for launch


Logitech Combo Touch supports the 2021 iPad Pro
Buyers of the 2021 iPad Pro will have keyboards and cases to choose from when the tablet launches, including the Logitech Combo Touch.
Photo: Logitech

For all its many improvements, the basic design of the 2021 iPad Pro changed hardly at all. That’s good news for anyone in the market for a case or keyboard for Apple’s new tablet, as it means there’s a wide variety available.

But a change in the thickness of the 12.9-inch version mans that many existing products aren‘t compatible. That said, there are already options from Logitech, Brydge, Otterbox and Apple itself that are confirmed to work with the new computer. And likely more that’ll still fit.

It won’t be difficult because the height and width of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro changed not at all between the 2020 and 2021 versions. And the depth increases by a mere 0.02 inches (0.5 mm).

There’s are no changes at all in the dimensions of the 11-inch version that Apple is releasing next month.

Cases and keyboards for the 2021 iPad Pro

Some accessory makers have stepped forward to make sure customers are aware that their products fit the new 12.-inch iPad Pro 5 and the 11-inch iPad Pro 3. And there are fresh releases too.

Logitech Combo Touch

That includes the Logitech Combo Touch (shown above). This includes a case with a kickstand and removable keyboard with a large trackpad. It uses the Smart Connector rather than Bluetooth.

A version for non-Pro tablets came out in 2020, and one for the 11-inch iPad Pro ($199.99) just debuted. A version for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro ($229.99) is coming soon, according to Logitech. Note: there’s not a version for earlier Pro models.

Brydge 12.9 Max+

Brydge offers a line of clip-on keyboards for a range of Apple tablets. By design, these turn the iPad into a clamshell, mimicking the design of the MacBook. The company on Wednesday introduced the Brydge 12.9 Max+ ($249.99) with a significant redesign that depends on magnets rather than clips. It includes a keyboard and trackpad and works with the latest 12.9-inch iPad as well as its predecessors.

Brydge confirmed to Cult of Mac that the slight increase in the thickness of the 2021 iPad Pro doesn’t affect using its earlier keyboards. That includes the Brydge Pro Pro+, why use also has a trackpad.

Apple Magic Keyboard

The new iPad Pro works with the Magic Keyboard, which now comes in white.
The new iPad Pro works with the Magic Keyboard, which now comes in white.
Photo: Apple

The eye-popping Apple Magic Keyboard will soon be available in white, joining the previous black. This accessory combines trackpad, keyboard and case.

Apple had to produce an updated version to fit its newest tablets. The original isn’t compatible with the 2021 model. Apple says the new 12.9-inch version ($349) supports the third, fourth and new fifth generation models. And the 11-inch one ($249) works with every version of the iPad Pro in that size, as well as the fourth-generation iPad Air.

Apple Keyboard Folio

Apple offers a slim, lightweight keyboard for its tablets, too. The Apple Keyboard Folio also costs less: $179 or $199, depending on the size.

This accessory is compatible with every iPad model the Magic Keyboard is.

Otterbox cases

Other the years, Otterbox built a reputation for making rugged, very protective cases for iPad, iPhone and other devices. And that extends to the newest iPadOS models.

Otterbox now offers versions of the Defender and Symmetry cases compatible with the 2021 iPad Pro models of both sizes. They cost either $89.95 or 129.95, depending on the size. There are versions for earlier iPad Pros too.


Speck makes the Presidio Pro Folio for both the new 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro ($59.95/$89.95). This includes a dual-layer shock barrier and a promise of 6-foot drop protection. It wraps around the tablet and converts into a stand for typing or viewing video.

There’s also the Balance Folio ($49.95) for the iPad Pro 11-inch only. It protects against drops up to 4 feet and converts into a stand too..