Concept artists imagine crazy cars from Apple, Netflix, other tech giants

Concept artists imagine crazy cars from Apple, Netflix and other tech giants


An Apple Car as imaged by ‘ Vanarama.’
The iDrive is just one of the Big Tech concept cars imaged by Vanarama.
Concept image: Vanarama

The Apple Car really is on the drawing board at Cupertino, but no one outside the company knows what it’ll look like. Vanarama came up with a concept design.

And it didn’t stop there. Its designers had fun imagining vehicles designed by Netflix, Peloton, Airbnb and Zoom if these other Big Tech companies got into the market.

Apple Car

Vanarama sees the Apple Car as “sleek, minimalist, and highly user-friendly.” But don’t expect bright colors, as they predict Space Grey and Rose Gold will be the standard ones.

The self-driving vehicle will offer plenty of ways to while away time on the road, from Apple TV+ to Apple Arcade.

It’s predicted to be pricey. But what about a subscription model? “Once they have you hooked on the first version there will be no escape from their breakneck release schedule of incrementally better cars each year,” says Vanarama.

Netflix CineMove

Of course, the Netflix CineMove isn’t a serious suggestion.
A Netflix self-driving theater would be take in-car entertainment to a whole new level.
Concept image: Vanarama

Netflix is synonymous with video, and so if it designed a car it would surely be a theater on wheels. “Think professional quality surround, cinema-style seating, in-built food and drink facilities as well as lighting that complements what you’re watching from their back catalogue,” says Vanarama.

The Netflix CineMove would be a rental, of course. If it weren’t a flight of fancy.

Peloton CommuCycle

The Peloton CommuCycle is a joke.
Riding in this Peloton concept vehicle might be more work than walking.
Concept image: Vanarama

Don’t pedal your exercise cycle at home! Use that energy to take you to the office in the Peloton CommuCycle. You can be on the interstate while an instructor shouts at you for “not giving it 100%.”

Of course, as Vanarama points out, a state-of-the-art air conditioning/fragrance system will be required to keep the “gym smell” at bay.

Zoom MeetUp

No one really thinks this Zoom concept vehicle will ever be real.
The meeting never has to end with the Zoom MeetUp.
Concept image: Vanarama

If Zoom made a car, it would be able to, “branch out from meetings at a distance to revolutionise business on the move.” The Zoom MeetUp would let people continue their meeting while shuttling between airports and offices. Naturally, the imagined vehicle would have a seamless audio-visual comunnications system so people who can’t make the trip can still be part of the conference.

But couldn’t this car ride have just been an email?

Airbnb Serenity Shuttle

 o ow will ever make the Airbnb Serenity Shuttle. It’s a joke.
The holiday begins as soon as you step into the Airbnb Serenity Shuttle.
Concept image: Vanarama

The Airbnb Serenity Shuttle concept is a drivable hotel room. “A mini-flat on wheels with everything you need to pass the time in the hours between home and holiday, giving you a serene journey comparable to a stay in a 5-star Airbnb,” says Vanarama.

It would turn the journey into the vacation, and offer all the essentials. If it weren’t just a joke.

And so there’s no confusion, with the exception of the Apple Car, all of these concepts are purely for fun. Vanarama knows that none of these companies are designing self-driving cars. Unlike Apple, who really is.


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