Peloton partly blames Apple for post-pandemic sales plunge


Peloton blames Apple for sales slump
It's much more difficult for Peloton to serve targeted ads.
Photo: Peloton

Apple’s efforts to bolster your privacy protections on iPhone and iPad are being blamed for a sharp decline in Peloton sales.

The company enjoyed a boom while everyone was stuck at home during the pandemic, but it has since been forced to cut its outlook by as much as $1 billion. It said this week that Apple’s crackdown on tracking is partly at fault.

Concept artists imagine crazy cars from Apple, Netflix and other tech giants


An Apple Car as imaged by ‘ Vanarama.’
The iDrive is just one of the Big Tech concept cars imaged by Vanarama.
Concept image: Vanarama

The Apple Car really is on the drawing board at Cupertino, but no one outside the company knows what it’ll look like. Vanarama came up with a concept design.

And it didn’t stop there. Its designers had fun imagining vehicles designed by Netflix, Peloton, Airbnb and Zoom if these other Big Tech companies got into the market.

Enter to win a home gym featuring a Peloton Bike+, and put your Apple Watch to work


Bring the gym to your house by entering to win this Peloton giveaway
Bring the gym to your house by entering to win this Peloton giveaway.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

By the time New Year’s Day rolls around, you will probably already have made a few resolutions about improving your fitness and health. Instead of trying to will yourself out of bed and go to the gym, why not skip a few steps and bring the gym to your house? Our Win the Complete Home Gym Giveaway Featuring Peloton & Donate to Charity is an amazing opportunity to score premium workout equipment worthy of any elite gym — and donate to a good cause while you’re at it!

Peloton’s new Apple TV app brings workouts to your big screen


A Peloton Apple TV app debuted Tuesday
The Peloton Apple TV app offers a range of exercise classes without leaving your home.
Photo: Peloton

Peloton on Tuesday released a version of its exercise app for Apple TV. With a subscription, users of this app can tune in to classes on stretching, cycling, yoga and more.

All of this is available from home. That’s surely a boon for those unwilling to go to a gym.