You’ll love this portable USB charger for Apple Watch that’s under $20


Apple Watch USB Charger
This super-portable Apple Watch charger looks great and costs just $18.99.
Photo: Vista Shops

Whether you rely on your Apple Watch to get through the day, or have a loved one who does, this portable USB Apple Watch charger is the perfect holiday buy — and not just because it’s discounted to $18.99.

Simply plug this tiny device into any wall charger or USB-A port, and, like magic, it becomes an Apple Watch charger. Just like the stock Apple Watch chargers, it’s magnetic, so it holds your wearable in place. And charging begins immediately upon contact.

It’s super-lightweight and portable, with a gloriously minimalist design that makes it ideal for use when traveling or commuting. Being able to ditch that extra cable currently in your bag would be a bonus for sure.

Not only does this little power provider have the ability to fully charge your Apple Watch within just two or three hours, but it’s also compatible with any size of the watch. So if you do want to gift it, that’s one less thing to worry about. (It’s OK to treat yourself.)

Plus, it looks really cool.

Even cooler? It comes in your choice of all-black or all-white designs. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to keep their aesthetic seamless or add a pop of contrast to their tech look.

Upgrade your charging gear today and say goodbye to tangled wires with the Apple Watch Portable USB Charger, now on sale for only $18.99. That’s 52% off the regular price of $39. 

Prices subject to change.