Shield your shiny new iPhone 12 with great cases, screen protectors


Laut iPhone 12 cases
Check out Laut's new iPhone 12 lineup today.
Photo: Laut

Planning to preorder a shiny new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro this month? Keep it protected and in pristine condition with great cases and screen protectors from Laut, starting at a mere $19.99.

Check out the Shield case with its robust design if you’re particularly clumsy, and the brilliant Prime Privacy screen protector to prevent people from reading your texts and emails on the train.

Find these and more from Laut in the Cult of Mac Store today.

It’s a good idea to have cases and protectors ready for when your new iPhone arrives; you certainly don’t want to take it out unprotected only to scratch it or shatter its screen within the first couple of days.

And great protection doesn’t have to break the bank. Laut’s new iPhone 12 lineup delivers outstanding quality from just $19.99.

Check out Laut’s new iPhone 12 lineup today

The ultra-rugged Shield case boasts a dual-layer design that combines a hard plastic shell with a soft and flexible interior for superior impact protection. It’s ideal for those who tend to drop their iPhone regularly.

Laut iPhone 12 cases
The Shield case comes in a bunch of great color options.
Photo: Laut

If you’re more careful and want something slim and won’t make your iPhone too bulky, check out the SlimSkin instead. It’s a mere 0.5mm thick, allowing you to enjoy your iPhone’s slim design without worrying about scuffs and scratches.

Laut iPhone 12 cases
The SlimSkin is super-thin at just 0.5mm.
Photo: Laut

Both are available in a number of color options and are ready to start shipping now from the Cult of Mac Store.

What about your iPhone’s screen? Laut has two screen protectors to choose from — both of which are made from crystal-clear tempered glass with a shatterproof later and terrific scratch-resistance.

Ready to ship right now!

The Prime Glass protector covers your iPhone’s screen from edge-to-edge, keeping it free from nasty chips and scratches. The Prime Privacy protector does the same while also preventing your iPhone’s display from being visible at an angle.

Laut iPhone 12 cases
Order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.
Photo: Laut

All of Laut’s screen protectors feature antimicrobial technology that promises to kill 99.99% of surface bacteria. They’re also super-slim, and they ship with a tool for easy application.